The Novus Ordo Liturgical Critique

11 Dec

One could say about the Ordinary Form of Mass is that it is too lean in the way of Ceremony, often ruined by inappropriate Music and less than a worshipful atmosphere by having the Congregation in a state of having to make noise, constantly, in the Name of “Active Participation.”

Like a beer called Miller Lite, the Ordinary Form Mass is “Less Filling”, but unlike Miller Lite, it doesn’t really “Taste Great.” Let me explain what I mean.

On Sunday, November 30th, 1969, a New Mass, which used a Portable Altar, where the Priest offered the Mass, no longer faced Liturgical East, but now turned 180° to Liturgical West. There was something strange when the Translation from the Latin “Et Cum Spiritu Tuo” to English, was “And Also With You”, meaning that respect for the Sacred, Sacrificial Priesthood went “South”. The Priest was essentially reduced to a mere “Master of Ceremonies”.
The Beautiful Prayers at The Foot of The Altar, went the way of Ford Motor Company’s Edsel. The Opening of The Mass was expropriated from the Byzantine Divine Liturgies of St Basil The Great and St John Chrysostom, which I had begun to Notice from having participated in a good # of the Byzantine Divine Liturgies. The Mass was as if it wasn’t the Roman Rite at all, anymore.
The “Confiteor” was abridged, eliminating the double mentions of Blessed Mary Ever Virgin, though Mary retained One Mention, but “Vos Fratres” got two mentions. The Double Confiteor, with one by The Priest, simply became a Collective Confiteor. The mentions of St. Michael The Archangel, The Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, and St. John The Baptist, were eliminated entirely. This is an example of a “Catholic Lite” Liturgy, but “Less Roman Catholic.”
The Confiteor became one of a number of options.
The Kyrie Litany was cut down by 3 Responses.
The Gloria was only for Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation and certain feasts.
The Introit was retained. Then the Readings followed. But, it was to follow a 3 Year Cycle on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation, while the Weekdays follow a 2 Year Cycle. The Readings Format follows a Common Protestant Lectionary of Readings. This is used by the Anglicans of Broad Church Practice. The Evangelical Lutheran Communities use this as well. It goes as follows:
Old Testament or Apocalypse;
Responsorial Psalm;
New Testament(Epistle);
Alleluia(Tract in Lent);
Homily. The flavor here is decidedly Protestant.

The Nicene Creed is only on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation. But, before the Proper Latin to English Translation of 2011, the English read “We Believe”, but “Credo” means “I Believe.”
Then the General Intercessions/Prayers of The Faithful are recited or chanted. They are based on the Great Litany Chant in the Byzantine Divine Liturgies. In a # of cases, The actual chant itself is used in these Prayers. The response is either “Deus Exaudinos” or “Kyrie Elaison” in vernacular.

Now, according to the General Instruction of The 1970 Roman Missal, the Tabernacle was to be displayed in a Prominent Place, or Chapel, but not on the Altar of Offering. Many of The Churches built had a Protestant Look and Feel to them. With the Priest facing the Congregation, this was NOT “The Mass of All Time.”

With a stripped down Offertory Prayer, which spoke of a Passover Table Blessing but not of Sacrifice, drawn from The Talmud, the Book of Jewish Traditions, the Mass was now “Less Roman Rite” and more of everyone else’s Traditions. In the case of The Scripture Readings, which came in Practice from Mainline Protestant Communities, it was reported that this was last done in the 6th Century, and replaced by Pope St Gregory The Great, with Epistle, Gradual, Alleluia(Tract), Gospel and Homily, following the Byzantine Form and was retained in the Tridentine Latin Mass.

The Presentation of The Gifts was abandoned in the 13th Century because this Presentation was that of members of The Congregation who made the Bread and Wine.
Yet this Presentation came to life in 1969, though it was just moving Bread and Wine from one table to another. Why? To encourage Lay Participation in the Liturgy. It is a Novelty with no particular purpose.
At the Offertory, there used to be an Offertory Chant sung before the Offertory. It was replaced by Modernist Music of Self Praise. Most Mass Music is that way currently.

The Sign of Peace is Antiochian Rite Practice from the Maronite Catholic Church, in full Communion with The Holy See.
It should have remained there and not come to the Roman Rite, making for another novelty. This is truly the Destruction of The Roman Rite.

Standing for Holy Communion is Byzantine Rite. The Roman Rite Practice of Kneeling(Unless you are blessed to be at St. Agnes on East 43rd Street(Venerable Archbishop Fulton J Sheen Place), is all but lost in the Ordinary Form Mass. Holy Communion In The Hand, a Protestant Practice, is nauseatingly common. Holy Communion Under Both Species, an Eastern Catholic and Orthodox Practice, should be done by Intinction, not by traveling from one Holy Communion Minister to another. Often one of those Ministers is neither a Priest nor Deacon, but a lay person called an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, who in the Early Church and in the current era, brings the Sacrament to The Sick. Today, in addition to bringing Holy Communion to the Sick, is asked to distribute Holy Communion at Mass. An ancient practice became a Modern Novelty.
Readings of the Scripture except the Gospel by Laity is a Byzantine Rite Practice, but in the Byzantine Rite, the Lector never enters the Sanctuary, but is seated in the Nave and reads the Epistle. Only in the New Mass do lectors read in The Sanctuary, and only in the Roman Rite(If you can STILL call it that).

The Last Gospel(The Incarnation) was eliminated.
So much Self Centred Music is sung and not to God, but to Each Other.
Gregorian Chant is Rare(Unless James D. Wetzel is Music Director and you are on East 43rd Street(Venerable Archbishop Fulton J Sheen Place)).

Christ told Peter to “Feed My Sheep.” The Ordinary Form Mass causes Hunger Pangs for The True Church in the Roman Rite. People seek to worship The Triune Godhead, looking for the “Other Worldly” & not the Worldly. They don’t want to be distracted.

If only there was no Vatican II, there might not have been the Disaster occurring Today. Liturgy in the Roman Rite is saved in the Tridentine Latin Mass. If the Gregorian Chant and Kneeling for Holy Communion, reception of it on the Tongue was maintained, the Ordinary Form Mass might be a success. But True Tradition was not followed. And one leaves Famished and Thirsting. Liturgy must grow organically and not by Committee. Novelty wears thin after awhile.
Since I returned to the Tridentine Latin Mass, plus the addition of The Byzantine Catholic Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom, I know that I am truly nourished by God. The same can be said for a Solemn and Beautiful Ordinary Form Mass(Like at East 43rd Street, between Lexington and 3rd Avenues in Midtown Manhattan). The abuses of The Ordinary Form Mass, detract from giving proper Worship of The Triune Godhead.

The Ordinary Form Mass can feed the People more than meets the eye. Just keep the Liturgical “Experts”, who are nothing more than experts in entertainment, far away.

Then, Christ’s Flock will be fed and fed well.

Deo Gratias !



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