Christmas Is More Than December 25th

26 Dec

Christmas actually lasts past December 25th. I know that there are days within the Christmas Sequence which last into January. So, despite what is said in the Secular Media, Christmas still has away to go. In fact on the Tridentine Calendar, it continues in the Sequence until February 2nd(Candlemas Day) or through the Time called Sundays After Epiphany of which there are 6.
On the Ordinary Form Mass Calendar, which like the Tridentine Latin Mass Calendar, is part of the Roman or Latin Rite, from December 25th until Baptism Of The Lord, which is usually the Sunday Following Epiphany, makes up the Christmas Season, except for the Sunday, January 8th Celebration of Epiphany, whereas Baptism Of The Lord is on Monday, January 9th.
On the Tridentine Calendar, Epiphany is January 6th and the Feast is celebrated then, whereas on the Ordinary Form Calendar, Epiphany may be as early as Sunday, January 2nd. In Heavily Latino Communities here in America as well as in Spain and Italy, January 6th is the Big Celebration of Epiphany, when Gifts are exchanged. 
The Byzantine Rite is quite interesting. The Baptism Of The Lord Is called Theophany, which like Epiphany, means Revelation. It is at this time that the Baptismal Waters are Blessed along with the Oils of Chrismation(Confirmation in the Roman Rite). Christmas in this Rite is celebrated on the Julian Calendar, which is 13 Days behind the Gregorian Calendar. Christmas is More Penitential than in the Roman Rite, but still Joyful. It is NOT the Time of Big Department Store Sales nor Big E Sales. The Divine Liturgy Of St. John Chrysostom is truly elaborate at this time.
What the Secular and Protestant World calls New Years Day, is truly part of Christmas. In the Roman Rite, this Vital Part of Christmas is called, in the Ordinary Form Mass Calendar, The Solemnity Of Mary, Mother Of God. In the Tridentine Latin Mass Calendar, it is The Feast Of The Circumcision Of The Christ Child. In the case of The Solemnity Of Mary Mother Of God, this is based on the Second Mass of January 1st, at Saint Mary Major Basilica in Rome. Like Christmas Day, one is obligated to attend the Holy Sacrifice of The Mass. I personally know of one Pastor in Forest Hills, Queens, whose 8PM Mass of The Ordinary Form, will actually be in Latin. That Pastor of Irish Descent is from Forest Hills and will warn Parishioners to follow along on the sheets, unless “One Is An Old Altar Boy.”
Only Christmas Day is Once a Year. But the Time of Christmastide is Longer and combining both Roman and Byzantine Rites, it will be more blessed than ever.

Kala Christouyenna(Greek)
Nollaig Shona Dhuit(Irish Gaelic)
Feliz Navidad(Spanish)
Joyeux Noel(French)
Happy Christmas

Micheal(Irish Gaelic)


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