Just Looking To Upgrade The Mobile

30 Dec

I have Virgin Mobile, one of two Sprint Prepaid Services, so within the next week or so, I am planning to upgrade the phone within budget.
I have decided to stay with Android, a form of UNIX as my phone’s OS, as Android can handle live web telecasting and brosdcasting. Besides the apps are better. I had considered the Lumia with MS Windows 8.1, but there is no live broadcast/telecast app like Veetle.com.  The Google Play Store is almost as well developed as Apple’s App Store. The video recording apps are good here as well.
And the video operations would move over to High Definition for the 1st Time since the days of The iPod Touch 4G. HD 720p is great but HD 1080p is more spectacular. It is time to head to broadcast quality in Video and the time is now.
It was on the set of “Peripheral City”, a web series recorded in HD, when I heard that the price of High Definition would shoot downward.

Now it can be carried in one’s pocket and doesn’t need the budget of a major studio to have it.

The 2011 Knights of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship, Round 2 in February, 2011, was recorded on an iPod Touch 4G in 1280x720p High Definition and is still seen on Dailymotion. Parts of that coverage were seen on RTL.be in Europe, from the Dailymotion Coverage, becoming the 1st and Only Time the HD coverage was seen outside of You Tube. And it has not been duplicated since February of 2011. That competition is usually seen on You Tube. But, it is fun being the only producer to do that.

The changeover will be in the next few weeks and Video will be fun again.


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