12/31/14 7Th Day Of Christmas-St. Sylvester I Pope

31 Dec

I have known this story since the Days of City Line Cypress Hills, Brooklyn. There was a school at 396/398 Grant Avenue in Brooklyn, NY.
Fifty Years Ago today, I was with Mum at the 9:00AM Mass on the Feast of St. Sylvester at(You may have thought this)St. Sylvester R C Church on Mc Kinley Avenue between Grant Avenue and Elderts Lane in City Line, Brooklyn, NY.
It was in 1955 when the current Church Building was completed. It will be 60 Years since the current building replaced an all wood edifice.

But, Pope St. Sylvester I(314 to 335 AD), began the construction of many of the Roman Churches in the Diocese of Rome. He was also the 1st Pope to be canonized a Saint, who was not a Martyr. He also had to battle the Arian Heresy in the 4th Century AD.

Today’s Gospel according to Saint John The Evangelist was the Story of The Incarnation. I usually hear this Gospel in Latin at the End of The Tridentine Latin Mass. Today was a rarity, hearing it in English.

So if you go to Mass in Rome, one can thank Pope St Sylvester I. It wouldn’t be Rome, The Eternal City, without him.

Deo Gratias Pro Sancte Papam Silvestre I



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