Epiphany-Ordinary Form Mass & Easter Proclamation

5 Jan

Note that according to the Vetus Ordo or Extraordinary Form Mass Calendar, January 6th is still Epiphany and is celebrated particularly in Spanish Speaking Neighborhoods. In Italy, Gifts are exchanged on January 6th. Epiphany in the Roman Rite, Ordinary Form Mass Calendar, is two parts with Baptism Of The Lord In The River Jordan, next Sunday, January 11th, 2015, which marks the End of The Christmas Cycle. Ordinary Time takes over on Monday, January 12th.
In the Extraordinary Form Mass Calendar, the Christmas Cycle ends on Candlemas Day on February 2nd.
On January 6th(December 24th on the Julian Calendar in the Byzantine Rite, both Eastern Orthodox Christians and Byzantine Rite Catholics observe The Nativity Eve Fast, where food is abstained from until the 1st Star Of The Night is seen. The Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom is held about 10:00PM in honor of The Nativity of Christ. On January 7th(December 25th, Julian Calendar), is Christmas Day with Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom, in both Eastern Orthodox and Greek Catholic Churches. On Julian Calendar January 1st, which is January 14th on The Gregorian Calendar, The Feast Of St Basil The Great, with Divine Liturgy Of St. Basil The Great being offered. Epiphany, which is called Theophany, with both names commemorating the Revelation of Jesus Christ, is on January 6th, Julian Calendar(January 19th, Gregorian Calendar). Theophany celebrates the Baptism Of The Lord In The River Jordan and the Beginning of The Lord’s Public Ministry. There will be both Sunday Before Theophany and Sunday After Theophany. On The Sunday After Theophany is the Blessing of The Ceremonial Waters. I witnessed this ceremony. The water has herbs added to it. The Water is blessed and the Priest uses actual Hyssop to bless one with Water, reminding one of The Sacrament(Holy Mystery) of Baptism. One is also anointed by the Priest with Chrism to remind one of the Sacrament(Holy Mystery) of Chrismation(Confirmation). The Priest uses a Chrism Wand and anoints one’s forehead.

Fr Joseph Cunningham, Pastor Emeritus of St Gregory The Great in Bellrose, Queens and now Senior Priest In Residence at Our Lady Queen Of Martyrs, offered the 1PM Mass. The Easter Proclamation was sung by Noted Writer, Deacon Gregory Kandra.

A Good Crowd was on hand for the 1:15PM Mass.

And Christmastide in the Ordinary Form Mass continues until Next Sunday.

A Joyous Christmastide To All:

Deo Gratias!


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