Add Me To The Love Of Christian Russia

7 Jan

The USA and Russia are Opposites, who do not attract.
But, Russia is Christianizing, while The USA approves of what Stephen Fry is doing.
You see, Stephen Fry, once part of The Comedic Duo of “Fry and Laurie”, is getting married again, this time to a 27 Year Old.
I will clue you in with a Hint-Andrew Cuomo legalized this Form of Union in 2011.
Okay, you see that Stephen Fry is marrying one Elliot Spencer in England. England is also in the Post Christian Era. Stephen Fry is doing a Real Life Version of “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry.”

Stephen Fry is GAY.

While several States, of The Once Proud United States Of America, have placed on their Law Books, assorted Statutes permitting Same Sex Marriage, a Freak Show in Practice, as well as contrary to the Natural and Moral Law, Russia has gone the Other Way. They are returning to the Practice of Christianity, mostly via the Russian Orthodox Church.
Children in Russia are being taught their Faith in School. They will hear NOTHING about Homosexual Propaganda, like in California or The 5 Boroughs of NYC. Abortion in Russia is NOT Subsidized and is almost impossible today, unlike in the USA in The 5 Boroughs of NYC.

Russia defends the Current Regime in Syria, where Christianity is tolerated. The USA, meanwhile, defends the ENEMIES of Christianity, such as the Syrian Liberation Army, who actually turned out to be Al Qaeda.

Which Nation offered their Intelligence Services just after 09/11/01, to help us in battle against Radical Islam?


Who is their strong, Tactical Leader?

Vladimir Putin, that’s who.

This “Russia Bashing” is coming from Neoconservatives with ties to Israel.
Who says that Neocons are even Conservative? That’s like that other Oxymoron, Neo Catholics.

And Russia is growing, both Spiritually and Economically.

God Save and Bless Russia

M, Eh!

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