So Much For The Boss’ Having Your Back

13 Jan

The Patriarch Of The Chaldean Catholic Church ordered his Priests to remain in Iraq for the sake of The Catholic Faith in Iraq, Iran and Syria.
A Chaldean Catholic Pastor in San Diego, CA, where many Chaldean Priests have fled to, contrary to the Orders of The Patriarch, wrote to Pope Francis. His Holiness told the Priests that they don’t have to return to Iraq.
Patriarch Sako who is also Cardinal Sako , is in utter shock. And, he is not charmed by His Holiness. This could cause a Schism. Doesn’t The One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church realise that this could lead to a Schism of East and West?
Is Pope Francis I aware of this and how are Chaldean Catholics being served in Iraq with few priests?

Oh Wait, Papa Bergoglio isn’t into Protocol. This must make Patriarch Cardinal Sako a Narcissistic, Self Serving, Neo Pelegian With a Traditionalist Drift to order all Chaldean Catholic Priests to return to Iraq.

Things will change if the Chaldean Catholic Priests begin to offer The Tridentine Latin Mass with the SSPX or Franciscan Friars of The Immaculate. Francis Will Never tolerate THAT.


M, Eh!


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