How To Destabilize A Smartphone?

17 Jan

Load It up with Apps. I removed several apps and the phone works much better. Even when I didn’t need Wi Fi, Wi Fi from one’s Password Encrypted System would interfere with the Data System and the Smartphone would be a pain in the tuchas.
I find that I really like Android. Whereas Apple’s iOS for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch, is wonderfully fun and easy, it doesn’t move apps to The Cloud, the way Android does. Even with 32 GB on an iPod Touch 4G, there is the danger of the whole device being overloaded.

In support of Android OS, this Phone has 1GB of ROM & 360MB of RAM, yet was as much of a workhorse as the iPod Touch 4G. The beautiful part was the Secure Digital Card of 1.2 GB, to free up the operation of the phone.
Granted, this phone was the Low End Android Smartphone, called “Event”, by Kyocera, but it has worked well for over 1 1/2 Years. It has served as my link with the World, acting as an Information and Entertainment System. But, Android OS 4.0.4(Ice Cream Sandwich)satisfied my wishes in what a Bargain Phone should be like. With the Proper App, it can even transmit live internet television to the World(And We had a Good # of Viewers, especially on and on This phone allowed me to move way past You Tube, on a proverbial shoestring.

But for a few dollars more, I now have the LG Tribute Phone, with more space and HD 1080p. This will allow for more things to get done. It’s all from Virgin Mobile, a Part of Sprint.
I cannot complain, as a Woman who I call “My Most Dear Friend”, supplied the money to buy this phone. I am most grateful to her.
To members of my own family, who gave me a Visa Gift Card, I move on now with LG Tribute Phone from Sprint’s Virgin Mobile.

Life, while not perfect, is still good.

Deo Gratias!

M, Eh!

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