Knights Of Columbus Council 934-Imitation “Seinfeld”?

23 Jan

If one can remember Elaine Benes on a stalled Subway Train, on her way to a “Lesbian Wedding”, or “Jewish Singles Night” at a Nondescript Council of the Knights Of Columbus in Manhattan, then I think that this will mean something.
Only this takes place in Madison, Indiana,  and not Manhattan’s Greenwich Village.
I am wondering whether or not any of the Officials of The 934 Building Corporation, are taking their cue from Howard Stern on Sirius XM Satellite Radio . I have known about Knights who enjoyed listening to “Lesbian Dial A Date”, on Howard’s Shows, heard in Washington, DC, and on both WNBC 660 &  K-Rock 92.3 FM in New York City. I should know because I thought it was all pure BS.
But, the Knights Of Columbus, a Fraternal Order noted for Charity, Unity, Fraternity & Patriotism, handles this at the Local or Council Level.

What are these guys thinking?

Some years ago, things were quite discreet on the part of Lesbians and Gays in a Community. No one broadcast to the world that “Lesbians For The Metric System” hired the local Knights Of Columbus Hall for an Affair. But, sadly, Catholics are more tolerant of Deviance than ever before. And Homosexuals are more open than ever before. It is a Game of “Live & Let Live.”

It, unfortunately, is also a Game of angering a group of “First Nations” People in a Tribe called the “Sosumi Tribe”, located in a Branch of the Appalachian Mountains, called “The Catskills.” Their Motto says it all “So Sue Me.” It is code for Lawyers(Hey, I’m From Brooklyn, NY, so I know that You’ll get it).

My advice to the Brother Knights is “Be Not Afraid”, especially the Brothers in Madison, IN. You’ll have my support.
As well as the support from Brother Knights, just say “Yes” to God’s Words and “No”, to this crap. You will have our Fraternal backing.

Get to know your Communities. Don’t be just a Caterer. Be of Loving, Christian Faith and Service. Admonish The Sinner, Counsel The Doubtful and Instruct The Ignorant.
And to those Brother Knights in Madison, IN and beyond, please do be “The Salt Of The Earth” and “Leaven In Society.”
Most of All, don’t just admit everyone to your ranks. The Scandalous Liberals enter this way with Agendas which do harm an Organization.
You don’t want a “Yadda, Yadda” Organization.
You want it Truly Catholic.

Kyrie Elaison!

M, Eh!


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