It May Be Byzantine On E.15th Street

25 Jan

At 10AM, I may be “Going East”, this time through The Ruthenians. The Ruthenians are a Slavic People, thoight to be the Original Russians, by way of Trans Carpathia.
Their Parish is St. Mary’s Byzantine Catholic Church, on the Grammercy Park-East Village Border. There is only One Mass or Divine Liturgy Of St John Chrysostom, there tomorrow at 10:00AM. The Liturgy is in English.

The Parish belongs to the Byzantine Catholic Eparchy of Paterson, NJ. His Excellency, the Most Reverend Kurt Burnette, is Eparch(Diocesan Bishop). The Metropolitan See is the Byzantine Metropolia Of Pittsburgh, PA. His Grace, The Most Reverend William Skurla, is Metropolitan Archbishop of the Ruthenian Catholic Church in The USA.

The Ruthenians have worshipped as a Particular Church Of The Byzantine Rite of One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, in America since the Late 1880s. This Particular Church once suffered Persection in the USA at the hands of, not so much Protestants but at the hands of Roman Catholic Bishops of Irish Descent, who Pope Leo XIII called on the Proverbial Carpet for their Practice of Americanism, a variant of Modernism.
But, they are Catholic. In The Byzantine Rite Divine Liturgy Of St John Chrysostom(Bishop, Confessor, Doctor Of The Church, Feast Day this Tuesday on the 27th of January on the Tridentine Calendar, which means a trip to Holy Innocents on West 37th Street in Midtown Manhattan between Broadway and 7th Avenue for the 6:00PM for the Tridentine Latin Mass), Catholics pray for His Holiness, Pope Francis I, Four Times.
If one looks at the Byzantine Rite Divine Liturgies, all are derived from The Divine Liturgy Of St James The Apostle. In the Ordinary Form Mass of Blessed Paul VI, elements of the Byzantine Rite Divine Liturgies may be witnessed at Holy Communion, in the Opening of The Ordinary Form of Mass, as that prayer opens the Eucharistic Prayer in the Byzamtine Rite(Just Before the Sursum Corda) & @ other points.

No “Haugen, Haas, Schutte, Et Al”  Muzak is ever played. The Liturgy is chanted.



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