Two Best Monthly Phone Plans

31 Jan

Neither is a Contract Plan. Both are plans from a Sprint Subsidiary. And you will get plenty for your money.
In both those plans, you will buy your phones. But you will save over that Contract Plan, where the phones come with the contract, but you save on all those annoying fees and taxes, like the MTA Tax.

I have Virgin Mobile, part of Sprint. I didn’t buy into it for Rock Music. But I do like it for pretty good service plans. Virgin Mobile has two of the best plans for what one may need.
The 1st Plan is for US$20, giving the customer unlimited calling minutes and unlimited text messaging. But to use the web, one must go to a place with Wireless Fidelity. The Only thing here added on is Sales Tax to the monthly fee. But one has to buy a wireless phone, like Android, iPhone or Windows Phone. The phones aren’t subsidized like the Contract Phones are. But you do get a plan comparable to a contract plan.
Another rather good plan is for US$35 where one has a choice between 2.5GB of 4G LTE High Speed Data, plus Wireless Fidelity at your favorite coffee shops and book stores, Unlimited Texting, 300 Calling Minutes and Unlimited 3G Data. The 2nd US$35 Plan is for 500MB of 4G LTE Data, Unlimited Calling, Text and 3G Data.
In NYC, the Sales Tax is added on, so the $20 Plan is $21.80, while the $35 plan is $38.11.
Not bad, in fact, it’s Great.

M, Eh!


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