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Gotta Get 16 More GB For This Rig

28 Feb

4 GB Internal Memory is all I have on this APhone. So I will be investing a Small Sum to get a Secure Digital Memory Card.
There are apps which take up space so my plan is for 32 GB. Since Android OS 4.4.2(Kit Kat) takes up 1.3 GB, all I have is 2.7 GB remaining.
I do use this phone to transmit Live Internet Television as well as Video, so extra space is quite needed. 32 GB is maximum and should really add some badly needed space to this Android Phone the LG Tribute, which is made to run on Sprint ‘s 4G LTE and 4G Wi Max Networks. I use Virgin Mobile, a Non Contract Company owned by Sprint.
This Phone doubles as my mobile computer, so if I want to add MS Office or Open Office, I will NEED extra GB.

Funny but 15 Years Ago, often the largest hard drive only had 4 GB on a notebook or desktop. Now the Mobile Phone needs about 8 GB so I might throw in with 16 GB, plus Google Drive for Documents instead of the whole 32 GB Card. The Chromebooks do that. On the other hand Google Drive and 32 GB May come in handier. I once had an iMac which ran with a 20 GB Hard Drive and an eMac which ran on a 60 GB Hard Drive. I had an iPod Touch 4G which ran on 32 GB, but it sometimes ran out of Space due to consumption of one app, which was a Production App, which once consumed 18 GB & I had to remove it several Times, just to run everything and it won’t let you add memory, which is why I appreciate Android for its Flexibility.
Hence I shall make the investment.


They Can “Fuggedibowdit” On St.Patrick’s Day In NYC

27 Feb

From 1970 onwards, save for a few times, such as Work and Family Illnesses, it had been my privilege and honor to have marched in The New York City Saint Patrick’s Day Parade. The funniest thing about the Parade which I will miss is that 5th Avenue, a Sea of Green if ever I saw one, is that the World’s Largest NY Jets Rally would take place with chants of “J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets” all over the Line of March. In 2005, Red Sox Nation took over 5th Avenue, with the occasional chant of “Yankees Suck.” But then, it’s New York.

A Pall has been cast over the Parade this year. Granted, the 2002 Parade was a bit sad in the wake of 09-11-01, where the names of those who died at the Twin Towers on that Fateful and Fearful Tuesday Morning, were held aloft by Parade Goers during the Parade. But we marched on. One moment near the end was when some girls donned NY Jets Gear and the “J-E-T-S” Chant was done, it broke up the Somber Mood of that Parade if only for a moment.

Le Promenade Du Gauche:
The Ever Loving Leftists, whose idea of a Grand Time is to disrupt a Solemn High Mass, had previously foisted a “Camp In Demonstration” in a Wall Street Area Plaza, called Zuccotti Park on Liberty Street and Broadway. THIS demonstration was called “Occupy Wall Street.” This was a motley bunch which you could tell by their signs, Slovenly attire and iPhones and iPads in their possession.
I did a mock video called “Occupy 5th Avenue”, shot on an iPod Touch 4G, which is playing somewhere on It mocks “Occupy Wall Street.”  Of Course 5th Avenue was being occupied, but only by the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, truly an All American Event, since before the American Revolutionary War, beginning in Downtown Manhattan in 1762. The Video was Made about 250 Years after the 1st Parade.
But, this time The Left has gone too far. They are looking to force out the Family Values and Traditions of this Venerable Celebration and replace it with Modernism with the “Mens Rea” of being no different from a Gay Pride Parade, which every year in June, disgraces 5th Avenue.
It is “The Invasion Of The Starbucks Crowd into Tim Horton’s.”
Many people gather for Coffee of the strong variety at Tim Horton’s. The Only thing the Starbucks Crowd is looking for is Wireless Fidelity Access for one’s computer.It isn’t really about the coffee.

Last year many sponsors pulled out of the Parade, due to the threatened boycott of the sponsors by an alliance of people dedicated to SELF and Sinful Lifestyle.

Can You say “We’re Here, We’re Queer & We’re Not Going Shopping?”(With asides to Rush Limbaugh).
If you can read it, that is just what it means. Upon pressure of Higher Powers at the Diabolical Comcast-NBC, an Affinity Group within that Outfit, called “OUT@NBC Universal” supposedly dressed in Business Attire, will be marching, no doubt, with other “Fellow Travelers” on 5th Avenue, to push it in Spectators Faces, that a Particular Lifestyle is being endorsed.
What I am not enthralled about is how many other Leftist Groups(Including “Nuns On The Bus”)will join this party. Will Neil Patrick Harris be marching in his “Tighty Whiteys”? Will “Ellen” be there? Will Sir Elton John be appearing? The Village People, singing “Y. M. C. A.”?
The Yankee Stadium “Bleacher Creatures”, singing their “Alternative Rendition” of what The Village People made famous about 40 Years Ago?

I fear that more than the Bagpipes will be blown. This is going to be a Crass Spectacle, giving Attention to Assorted and Sordid Spoilsports who think “They’re The Show.” People do NOT care for Freak Shows.
To THOSE People and you know who you are, know that you want to usurp the Purpose of The Parade, which is in Honor of The Patron Saint of Ireland. It is on March 17th when the One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Church, Commemorates St. Patrick. March 17th is actually The Date Of His Death and Passing To New Life In The Lord. Green Beer, just the thought of it, makes me want to “Vomit, Barf & Puke”(A Most Dear Friend would describe that concoction).

To John Lahey, Chairman of The St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee, you speak about Diversity. Actually, the Parade always had Diversity and not of the “Politically Correct” Kind in this Day and Age. I remember New York City Catholic Schools being on Parade, with all Races represented in the Bands and School Groups. Many of those Catholic Schools are gone now. The “Fighting 69th New York Army Regiment”, made famous in both Movies and Many Wars, is represented with Blacks, Latinos, Asians and Whites in Today’s World.

But for the Immoral Old Media Types who are losing out to New Media, as well as for the “Mammon”, called Big Money, The Parade is held Hostage by the 2 Percenters who threaten not to buy certain products.

And because of This Situation, as far as many people who have marched on 5th Avenue at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, The Parade Committee has become part of The World. It is also in Vogue in the Current Era of The Roman Rite of The Catholic Church, Post Vatican II, to turn a Blind Eye towards allowing this to go on. It is if a New grouping in The Church has come about, namely, in Addition to The Church Militant, The Church Suffering and The Church Triumphant, called The Church Milqtoast.

We Catholic Christians are supposed to counter the Current Culture of Debauchery. But our Leaders don’t care, being more interested in a Dialogue which will not end.

The New York City Saint Patrick’s Day Parade is suffering because she will not follow the Tried and True Traditions of this Parade and will whither. It is not a mere Secular Exercise of Irish Nationality, But Of Catholic Faith. And, Sadly Enough, it is going by the Wayside.

I will be at Mass on Tuesday, March 17th & the at Breakfast with Ancient Order Of Hibernians Queens Division 14, but no further.

I refuse to be on 5th Avenue, as so many others.


Kyrie Elaison!


WeatherBug(Chill IN)

24 Feb


via @WeatherBug

Everybody Chill IN. Chill Out and it is Frostbite Time.

M, Eh!

17 Years Since The Morning Of A Dry Throat

23 Feb

The Dry Throat was as the result of calling the names of 63 Altar Servers at Our Lady Queen Of Martyrs RC Church in Forest Hills, Queens on Sunday, 02-22-1998, between the end of the 10:00AM Mass & 11:30AM High Mass. There were also other people presented with awards in connection with the Knights Of Columbus Altar Server Awards. It was the 1st Time in Msgr Sherman Council History that THIS ceremony took place and it did not occur in East Glendale. In short the Council did this at the corner of Ascan Avenue and Queens Boulevard. I was also Grand Knight at this time,17 Years ago, in an Era when The 1st Text Messages were flying around on OMNIPOINT Handsets(OMNIPOINT is a wholly owned subsidiary of T-Mobile).

Of 63 Servers being honored, only 19 Showed up at the Huge Catholic Church at Queens Blvd & Ascan Avenue. The Server Awards are on Videotape. There was no such thing as Smartphones which could be used to telecast the event live. Vimeo, Dailymotion, & You Tube did not exist, nor did Veetle, Bambuser nor Ustream exist.

What has happened since this ceremony are the following:
One of the Altar Servers who was awarded a Knights Of Columbus Altar Server Award, David James, currently coordinates the Our Lady Queen Of Martyrs Altar Server Society. He follows in the Tradition of Desmond Flynn, who ran the Corps before. The # of Servers is now at 97 Servers;
For two days in 1998, when the Baskin Robbins Shop was at Ascan Avenue and Austin Street, now occupied by the Natural Market, a 5th Grader and Altar Server called Amanda, asked me why I didn’t present a Server Award to a girl named Rennelynne. I thought that Amanda called her Rennerina. That has been taken care of and Rene Lynne Carino became the 64th Altar Server to be honoured. Thank You Amanda;

The Next, Legitimate Knights Of Columbus Altar Server Award, was performed In October, 2006, when Donald Gander was Grand Knight, legitimately honouring the Sacred Heart East Glendale Altar Server Corps and was held at Msgr Sherman Council on Myrtle Avenue in East Glendale, Queens. In October, 2008, Grand Knight Dominic Chirachella honoured the St. Pancras Altar Server Corps.
The ONLY Altar Server Corps left is Our Lady Of Mercy on Kessel Street in Forest Hills, Queens.

The Next Essay deals with a certain “Pious” Family at Sacred Heart in East Glendale, who practiced the Vice Of Jealousy, whose Favorite Restaurant, Portofino, is just across the street from both Our Lady Queen Of Martyrs R C Church and School.
These People were “Pious”, if you like The Borgias & as cunning as many if not most of The Borgias. In short and In Retrospect, this Family, now domiciled in Arizona’s Phoenix Metropolitan Area, were Jealous and Treacherous.
Starting a war meant nothing to them, even if it meant starting One in the Grand Knight’s Backyard, where the Grand Knight went to Mass.

As for the Dry Throat from pronouncing so many names while in the OLQM Sanctuary, my thirst was quenched at the Council. Before that, The Pastor of Sacred Heart was presented with his Knights Of Columbus Honorary Life Membership Card by me at Sacred Heart Rectory on 78th Avenue.
Then at the Council I had two Diet Cokes which refreshed me.

And then I went home, and one more ceremony on Sunday, March 1st to honor The Sacred Heart Altar Server Corps.

M, Eh!

One Optional Gesture Not Announced At St. Agnes

23 Feb

This is during Lent and Advent, that the Sign of Peace is not announced at the Ordinary Form of Mass. Not a bad idea whose time has come.
I think that the Sign of Peace will occur at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs in Forest Hills, Queens. It basically is a hand wave, nicknamed by me as “The Martyrs Wave.”
The last time that there was no Sign of Peace was Saturday, November 28th, 1964, when all Masses were still in Latin. The Next Day, on Sunday, November 29th, 1964, with the use of Vernacular in the Mass of the Tridentine Form, the Sign of Peace appeared. And the rest is History with all the Novelties and other Liturgical Abuses.

Kyrie Elaison!

M, Eh!

The Backup Plan Where The Mass Is Beautiful

23 Feb

The MTA on Sundays is awful. Too many Subway Lines are truncated. My planned trip to St. George Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church for Divine Liturgy went awry.
So Plan B for Mass of the Ordinary Form at St. Agnes East 43rd Street in Midtown Manhattan, was utilized.
The Mass at 5:15PM receives a Special Classification. It is called OFMC or Ordinary Form Missa Cantata.
The Entrance Antiphon was chanted in Latin by the Music Director. Then a Suitable Hymn was sung. The Kyrie was sung in Greek. The Responsorial Psalm was sung in English. There was an Offertory Chant which was sung in Latin. The Sanctus was chanted in Latin, as was the Agnus Dei.The Communion Antiphon was sung in Latin.
Gospel with Christ calling for Repentance and the Story of Noah’s Ark and relation to Baptism was preached.

This is the way that the Ordinary Form or Novus Ordo Mass is supposed to be offered. Once again, I received Holy Communion on the tongue and kneeling at the Altar Rail.
And I met someone who I usually see at Latin Mass at Holy Innocents on West 37th Street. I was informed of a 6:15PM Mass at St. Agnes, which is usually in Latin for the NY Purgatorial Society, where the Souls In Purgatory are prayed for. I think that heading to the East Side tomorrow evening may be in order.

The New Order of Mass is, sadly, treated as an Entertainment Form with Banal Music. Switch it to Gregorian Chant and the People will come, especially the Young.
St. Agnes E43rd Street does the Mass true justice.

Deo Gratias!


Crossing That Strait To Go “East”

22 Feb

I will be headed across a Strait via the “Iron Horse”, by traveling Westward to head to the East.
In short, the 4:00PM 1st Sunday Of Lent Byzantine Rite Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom is where I am headed, and that is In the East Village of Manhattan, to St. George Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. The Divine Liturgy is the same thing as the Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass.
I am Roman Rite Catholic, but I often seek within One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, a Glorious Liturgy not filled with such distraction as Manufactured Modern Liturgical “Muzak”, nor Novelties such as who gets to present the Bread and Wine to the Priest at the Offertory, nor the Reception of Holy Communion A Mano. To me, singing most of that Muzak doesn’t constitute an Actual Participation in the Mass.
So here where Heaven and Earth are joined in the Divine Liturgy, I shall go. It is here where The Instruction Of Christ to St. Peter to “Feed My Sheep” is done in both Word & Sacrament, where one is Fed the Precious Body & Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, via Holy Communion Spoon.
One cries out to God for the Remission and Expiation of Sins at the Divine Liturgy, with “Lord Have Mercy” chanted multiple Times.

Ora Pro Nobis!


“”With Michael Borus & Christina DeNial

21 Feb

Snow Vortex seen.
“Mic’d Up” Icon seen with Silhouette of Sports Radio 66 Studio in background.

From our studios in the Archdiocese Of Detroit in Gay Old Ferndale, Michigan, Michael Borus.
“This just in from a Correspondent in Queens is that Cardinal Dolan passed noxious wind while riding the 4 Train. Must’ve been something he said on ‘Today In New York’. Tonight’s Topic is Nauseating Reactionary Catholic Media who are desperate for our ratings #s & who will stop at nothing to please their utterly moronic audience.”

Chrissy DeNial:
“Imagine the huge #s of People, who use porn all year long and think they are Catholic by either reading ‘Catholic Family News’ or ‘The Remnant’. These people barely have a 4th Grade Education who watch their filth.”

MB: “Watching an alleged show made in a Cave, where the host, Michael Matt chomps on cigars and has all the knowledge of ‘Cheers’ Mailman, Cliff Claven, raving on about a Mistranslated joke told by Pope Francis. And then some lawyer, living in Virginia, named Ferrara, saying what amounts to, what ‘Seinfeld’ says, like that show, which is Nothing. They should be excommunicated.”

“Michael Matt, Christopher Ferrara, John Vennari and Louie Verrecchio are all evil reactionaries who should be punished for failing to laugh at Pope Francis New Joke;”
MB: “Which is…”;
CDN: “My Dog has no nose”;
MB: “How does he smell?”
CDN: “Awful!”
MB and CDN both burst into laughter.
MB: “We’ll be back to take your calls after this break”;
Break to advertise Michael’s Lenten Retreat At Sea;
MB: “Okay we’re back. You can tweet US here in studio or email us and we’ll take your calls. Chris From Richmond, you’re up, go ahead, you’re on ‘Mic’d Up”;
Chris From Richmond: “You’re worse than the Southern Poverty Law Center. At least they’re funny, & that joke was from ‘Monty Python’s Flying Circus’.”
MB: “You’re a reactionary jackass, Chris. Do you have anything to say before I bump your sorry arse off?”
Chris From Richmond: “Seriously?”
MB: “Seriously!”
Chris From Richmond: “You have all the Theological Knowledge of a carrot. The SSPX is not in Schism. You worked for FOX News. Why are you so unbalancedl?
CDN: “What an obnoxious reactionary you are, Chris! Mr Borus does great research.”
MB: “Tim from Manhattan, next on Mic’d Up”;
Tim From Manhattan: “Mike? I was on the F Train, talking to a St. Louis Cardinals FAN. I was not farting. Please get your facts straight. I didn’t demand to be Grand Marshall. I was elected.”
MB: “You can go to Hell.”
MB: “That’s the time we have. Join us next week for “Mic’d Up.’

Voris has blown it big by trying to rip John Vennari, Michael Matt, Christopher Ferrara & Louie Verrecchio a “New One.” This is Satire. There is no one named Chrissy DeNial nor Michael Borus.

M, Eh!

Watch “CFN Media 5 – Response to Voris Pt2: ‘Reactionaries’ and Blunder” on YouTube

21 Feb

CFN Media 5 – Response to Voris Pt2: ‘Reactionaries’ and Blunder:

John Vennari also got bad mouthed by Michael Voris, as was Michael Matt & Christopher Ferrara.

Watch “INFLAMMATORY MEDIA: On Michael Voris & Mrs. Niles” on YouTube

21 Feb

INFLAMMATORY MEDIA: On Michael Voris & Mrs. Niles:

Is Michael Voris really losing it?