Verizon Wireless Is Mobile “Ma Bell”

4 Feb

Just look at their Prepaid Mobile Plans. And look at Sprint Owned Virgin Mobile USA Plans.

On Virgin Mobile USA, you don’t have to keep on buying extra GBs all the time, which can really suck. This also goes for Boost Mobile, which Sprint also owns.

And both have really good mobile plans. There is no desire to take up a plan with a 1 or 2 Year Contract. With Contract Plans, one will Pay all kinds of extra charges, such as the. MTA Commuter Tax.
At US$35 plus Sales Tax, One gets 300 calling plan minutes, unlimited data & Unlimited Text Messages.
Verizon Wireless is expensive and can cost about US$65 per month on Prepay, more if you go with contract plans.

Sorry, Ma Bell!

M, Eh!

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