Remember Palm & Windows Mobile?

14 Feb

I remember Palm & Windows Mobile. Both are what are called Personal Digital Assistants. This is often where you got your work done. Then you transferred your work to your work computer.

But it wasn’t always pleasant. You had to enter your information using a pencil like device called a Stylus, which didn’t always feel comfortable in one’s hand. There was no touch screen like there is today. The iPhone ushered in the Era of tapping in information, just by tapping your fingers on the screen. Windows followed Apple and then came Android. The old way was the same with Palm Powered and Windows Mobile Phones. And those same phones had to be attached to a main computer.
But now the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Windows Phones, Windows Tablets and Android Phones and Tablets are basically Mobile Computers, which are independent of Desktop and Notebook Computers. Apple began that trend in 2011.
I guess the Styli are being used for something else. Hors D’Oeurves anyone!
And one’s hands are free from the styli. And that must feel good.

M, Eh!

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