Michael Voris Fails To Mention(With Mens Rea)

15 Feb

As Native New Yorker & Fordham University Graduate, Christopher A. Ferrara, JD, would say in response to the Nonsensical Utterances of Both Pope Francis I and Michael Voris, STB, it is THIS:
“Really” or “Seriously”.

Michael Voris is a Polemicist, hosting Catholic Programming on Church Millitant.tv.
He did a show in his series “Mic’d Up”, not to be confused with Sports Radio 660AM & 101.9FM, WFAN in Lower Manhattan, where another Mike, Sarcastically called “The Sports Pope”, last name of Francessa, hosts “Mike’d Up”, where callers to that show, have all of the Intelligence of a Carrot.
Unlike on WFAN, Michael Voris’ callers actually discuss more intelligent things than what passes for conversation on “The ‘FAN.” Alex Rodriguez(A-Roid) is Not a topic of conversation on Church Millitant.tv.

Mark Shea grew up an Evangelical Protestant and is Neo Catholic. Perhaps, he is influenced by the Likes of Dr Scott Hahn, who like Mark Shea, also grew up Protestant.
Now, in spots, Michael Voris sounds like he might be a Catholic Traditionalist. But when the Subject is Criticism of The Pope, it is as if The Pope cannot do Wrong.
Michael Matt, Editor of “The Remnant Newspaper”, a Catholic Weekly which roots are in “The Wanderer Newspaper”, and spun off from it, has a video series of Traditional Catholicism called “The Remnant Forum”, seen on You Tube and on The pages of The Remnant Newspaper. His shows, often featuring Christopher A. Ferrara as a Commentator, are rousing sessions on the State of The Catholic Church.  Michael Matt, like Michael Voris, has a substantial audience, but unlike “The Vortex”, where Michael Voris is “Trapped and Exposed”, Michael Matt actually pulls no punches in regards to the Statements made by Pope Francis I, as well as the questionable actions of this pontificate. Voris, on the other hand, prefers to rip Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan “A New One”, it seems, every chance Michael Voris gets, though Voris is usually correct in his assessment of Cardinal Dolan.
For in watching “Modernist Maniacs…”, a viewer sent a link from Michael Voris’ show on CMTV, which was shown by Michael Matt on The Remnant Forum.
In that edition of “Mic’d Up”, Voris introduced one of his correspondents, a Young Adult Male named Vincent Coleman, who introduced the Audience to 2 Sources of The Catholic Counter Revolution in Print and one Known Writer whom I have admired, Deitricht Von Hillebrand, as if these are the only people responsible for the return of the Tridentine Latin Mass to any prominence in the Roman Rite of One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Church. I knew about The Wanderer, though they did give endorsement to the Reforms(Innovations)of Vatican II. A Canadian Newsweekly, The Interim, both Pro Life and Pro Family, I did not know about.
But,  WHAT HAPPENED TO A MENTION OF ARCHBP MARCEL LEFEBVRE, who was at The Second Vatican Council, who foresaw the Problems of a Revised Roman Rite Catholic Liturgy and with the use of Vernacular instead of the Precision of Latin, which the Tridentine Latin Mass is noted for. The Protestantising of the Mass, where there is little distinction between the Priest and People and bad vernacularising, made people wonder if The Mass is still Catholic. The Roman Rite, once so distinct in The Mass, with kneeling at a Holy Communion Rail, became a Polyglot of Protestant and Eastern Catholic Practices.
Another who saw this problem was a Welsh Convert named Michael Davies, who came to The Roman Rite Church in 1954. His Reaction to the Missa Novus Ordo was “I never thought that I would see the return of Cranmer’s Table.” Thomas Cranmer, Protestant Archbishop of Canterbury, saw the Mass to be nothing more than a Blessed Memorial Meal instead of Remembrance of The Sacrifice Of Mount Calvary, where Christ died on The Cross Of Redemption. The Congregation was seen as The Priesthood of The Laity, with the Priest being seen as President Of The Assembly. It was as if the Bread and Wine were nothing more than what the Eastern Churches, both Catholic and Orthodox, call Antidoron(Blessed Bread Instead Of The Gifts). Cranmer was heard to have said “An Altar is for Sacrifice, While A Table is Where a Meal is to be served.” The Practice of Holy Communion A Mano(in one’s hand) was brought to The Church Of England by an Apostate Dominican Order Priest from Germany named Martin Bucer, who lost his belief in The Corporeal and Sanguine Real Presence of Christ. The Purpose of Communion A Mano was to teach the English that this is a Simple Memorial Meal and. NOT a Sacrifice. This fit in with the Protestant Revolution.
When Queen Mary came to the English Throne, Catholicism was restored and Cranmer was burned at the Stake for Heresy.
Michael Davies spoke out passionately for the Tridentine Latin Mass, where there are no such profanations as Clown Masses, The Pinocchio Mass For Children in Buenos Aires(It is on You Tube), novelties such as Female Altar Servers, Communion A Mano, Liturgical Dancers and Liturgical Music which is capable of causing Tearful Jags, Profane Language, Headaches and Nausea and, more often than not, unsingable.
And Michael Davies is IGNORED BY YOU?
Archbishop LEFEBVRE is somehow ignored in all this. Is this something in connection with the Priestly Society of Saint Pius X? Archbishop Marcel LEFEBVRE was way ahead of the curve on the New Mass. I knew that Something was rather amiss when “Et Cum Spiritu Tuo”, was mistranslated as “And Also With You”, leaving out the Spiritual Element in regards to The Priest, who acts “In Persona Christi”, when offering Christ’s Sacrifice to His Heavenly Father as “Alter Christus”(Another Christ). Then again, the New Form of Mass is officially called “The Lord’s Supper or Mass”, in the interests of The New Ecumenism and dialogue with Protestants, instead of The Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass, as Protestants do not believe in Sacrifice. Archbishop LEFEBVRE saw the problem of Belief In The Real Presence of Christ in The Eucharist taking a tumble downward.
And when Holy Communion A Mano which is a Sacriligious Novelty, which began as an Act of Utter Disobedience after the Conclusion of the Second Vatican Council, that eventually led to a decrease in the Corporeal Real Presence of Christ In The Eucharist. A Majority of Catholics where this practice is offered, due to Bad teaching of Doctrine, no longer believe in the Catholic Definition of The Eucharist.
Archbishop LEFEBVRE saw this coming and fought to keep the Tridentine Latin Mass Alive.

And all that Michael Voris can manage is mentions of an obscure newsweekly in Canada and The Wanderer in the USA?

Does that make me, like Michael Matt, Christopher Ferrara, John Vennari, a “Hard Sedevacantist”, especially in asking questions about the Current Pontiff you people at Church Millitant.tv, are so silent about? Why The Unmitigated Silence about the Utter Persecution of The Franciscan Friars of The Immaculate?
And don’t tell me that every off the wall comment coming from the current Pontiff is a Bad Translation. Besides, Christopher Ferrara speaks, reads and writes in Italian, Fluently. And the next time you rip Cardinal Dolan “A New One”, he is only following the orders of his Boss in Rome.

Kyrie Elaison!

M, Eh!


4 Responses to “Michael Voris Fails To Mention(With Mens Rea)”

  1. Stephen Dalton 2015/02/16 at 15:48 #

    Michael Voris, IMO, is a poseur. He loves to pretend he’s a great defender of orthodoxy, by ripping his targets a new one, and by ‘exposing’ the faults of other Catholic media stars. But he won’t criticize the one man who is responsible for the mess we’re in. He’s a coward. I think in the beginning, MV’s motivations were pure, but his overblown egotistical idea of himself as a defender of the faith corrupted him. I think he’s only in it for the emotional rush and the money now.

    • A Roaming Catholic 2015/02/16 at 20:36 #

      You’re looking at someone who torqued off his Producer, questioning Michael’s Independence.
      I watch Michael Voris, then I watch “The Remnant Forum” on You Tube and also read “The Remnant Newspaper” on line. Voris does not do really good research. I give him credit for asking the first questions, but trying to blame the Middlemen all the time if a Failure and destroys his credibility.


    • A Roaming Catholic 2015/02/22 at 08:46 #

      If you see a Production House called Concept Productions, which St. Michael’s Media pays to do pre and post production, it also belongs to Michael Voris. Rebekah Hasenaur works as a Producer there.

    • A Roaming Catholic 2015/05/14 at 18:51 #

      Follow The Money.

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