“ChurchWacko.tv”With Michael Borus & Christina DeNial

21 Feb

Snow Vortex seen.
“Mic’d Up” Icon seen with Silhouette of Sports Radio 66 Studio in background.

From our studios in the Archdiocese Of Detroit in Gay Old Ferndale, Michigan, Michael Borus.
“This just in from a Correspondent in Queens is that Cardinal Dolan passed noxious wind while riding the 4 Train. Must’ve been something he said on ‘Today In New York’. Tonight’s Topic is Nauseating Reactionary Catholic Media who are desperate for our ratings #s & who will stop at nothing to please their utterly moronic audience.”

Chrissy DeNial:
“Imagine the huge #s of People, who use porn all year long and think they are Catholic by either reading ‘Catholic Family News’ or ‘The Remnant’. These people barely have a 4th Grade Education who watch their filth.”

MB: “Watching an alleged show made in a Cave, where the host, Michael Matt chomps on cigars and has all the knowledge of ‘Cheers’ Mailman, Cliff Claven, raving on about a Mistranslated joke told by Pope Francis. And then some lawyer, living in Virginia, named Ferrara, saying what amounts to, what ‘Seinfeld’ says, like that show, which is Nothing. They should be excommunicated.”

“Michael Matt, Christopher Ferrara, John Vennari and Louie Verrecchio are all evil reactionaries who should be punished for failing to laugh at Pope Francis New Joke;”
MB: “Which is…”;
CDN: “My Dog has no nose”;
MB: “How does he smell?”
CDN: “Awful!”
MB and CDN both burst into laughter.
MB: “We’ll be back to take your calls after this break”;
Break to advertise Michael’s Lenten Retreat At Sea;
MB: “Okay we’re back. You can tweet US here in studio or email us and we’ll take your calls. Chris From Richmond, you’re up, go ahead, you’re on ‘Mic’d Up”;
Chris From Richmond: “You’re worse than the Southern Poverty Law Center. At least they’re funny, & that joke was from ‘Monty Python’s Flying Circus’.”
MB: “You’re a reactionary jackass, Chris. Do you have anything to say before I bump your sorry arse off?”
Chris From Richmond: “Seriously?”
MB: “Seriously!”
Chris From Richmond: “You have all the Theological Knowledge of a carrot. The SSPX is not in Schism. You worked for FOX News. Why are you so unbalancedl?
CDN: “What an obnoxious reactionary you are, Chris! Mr Borus does great research.”
MB: “Tim from Manhattan, next on Mic’d Up”;
Tim From Manhattan: “Mike? I was on the F Train, talking to a St. Louis Cardinals FAN. I was not farting. Please get your facts straight. I didn’t demand to be Grand Marshall. I was elected.”
MB: “You can go to Hell.”
MB: “That’s the time we have. Join us next week for “Mic’d Up.’

Voris has blown it big by trying to rip John Vennari, Michael Matt, Christopher Ferrara & Louie Verrecchio a “New One.” This is Satire. There is no one named Chrissy DeNial nor Michael Borus.

M, Eh!


2 Responses to ““ChurchWacko.tv”With Michael Borus & Christina DeNial”

  1. Stephen Dalton 2015/02/24 at 21:10 #

    Fantastic satire! BTW, Chrissy hates being called Chrissy. The poor dear had a hissy fit when she saw I referred to her as Chrissy, instead as Christine. Also btw, Chrissy’s satirical surname should have been Denial, ’cause that’s what she’s in.

    • A Roaming Catholic 2015/02/25 at 07:41 #

      Chrissy is in denial & so is Michael Voris and Terry Carroll. While using the initials “JTC”, Carroll went as far as to claim that Terry Carroll only answered emails in Texas.

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