The Backup Plan Where The Mass Is Beautiful

23 Feb

The MTA on Sundays is awful. Too many Subway Lines are truncated. My planned trip to St. George Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church for Divine Liturgy went awry.
So Plan B for Mass of the Ordinary Form at St. Agnes East 43rd Street in Midtown Manhattan, was utilized.
The Mass at 5:15PM receives a Special Classification. It is called OFMC or Ordinary Form Missa Cantata.
The Entrance Antiphon was chanted in Latin by the Music Director. Then a Suitable Hymn was sung. The Kyrie was sung in Greek. The Responsorial Psalm was sung in English. There was an Offertory Chant which was sung in Latin. The Sanctus was chanted in Latin, as was the Agnus Dei.The Communion Antiphon was sung in Latin.
Gospel with Christ calling for Repentance and the Story of Noah’s Ark and relation to Baptism was preached.

This is the way that the Ordinary Form or Novus Ordo Mass is supposed to be offered. Once again, I received Holy Communion on the tongue and kneeling at the Altar Rail.
And I met someone who I usually see at Latin Mass at Holy Innocents on West 37th Street. I was informed of a 6:15PM Mass at St. Agnes, which is usually in Latin for the NY Purgatorial Society, where the Souls In Purgatory are prayed for. I think that heading to the East Side tomorrow evening may be in order.

The New Order of Mass is, sadly, treated as an Entertainment Form with Banal Music. Switch it to Gregorian Chant and the People will come, especially the Young.
St. Agnes E43rd Street does the Mass true justice.

Deo Gratias!


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