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My Most Dear Friend “Gets It”.

27 Mar

My Most Dear Friend realizes this fact, whenever she is at Daily Mass, as well on Sundays & Holy Days of Obligation:

Since Jesus is in The Tabernacle on what is supposedly the High Altar, under the Appearance of Bread in the Form of a Host(From The Latin Hostia which is Victim), & since He IS God The Son, My Friend asked “WHY Does The Priest Have His Back turned AWAY From God.”
That is a question with an answer in the form of an explanation:
During the Protestant “Reformation”, which is nothing more than Heresy in the form of a Revolution, with some Arianism thrown in to flavor it, Luder(Who changed his name to Luther, because Luder means Beast), supposedly “Reformed” The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass, by declaring that there is NO Sacrifice(Funny but why Did The Christ offer The Bloodless Sacrifice to His Father in Heaven at The Last Supper & then the Bloody One on The Cross).
Luther then decided that this is a Memorial Meal. A Meal is served on a Table, while a Sacrifice is offered on an Altar.
Luther then declared that since Priests offer Sacrifice, & Luther does not believe in Sacrifice, a Sacrificing Priesthood is unnecessary. To Luther, those gathered in the pews of the Assembly are the Priesthood of the People. All are equal with the one conducting the Communion Service. To Luther, the Bread & Wine do not change into the Body & Blood of Christ. Rather, the Bread & Wine contain the Body & Blood of Christ, hence no changes in substances. The Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Cranmer, also believed in this and The Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass, became “The Lord’s Supper, Commonly Called The Mass.”
Cranmer, later burned at the stake for Heresy on the orders of the Catholic Queen Mary, also believed in Table over Altar. He had a consultant, an Apostate former Priest of the Dominican Order called Martin Bucer, who was German, who denied the Sacramental Presence of Christ in The Eucharist, who introduced Holy Communion in The Hand, to remind people that this is not a Sacrifice but a Memorial Meal.

Fast Forward to the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council, which was nothing more than an oversized Revolutionary Synod, filled with Ambiguous Language in Her Documents, especially in connection with the offering of the Holy Eucharist. It was in December of 1963, when Sacrosanctum Concillium was issued on how the Mass of The Roman Rite is to be offered in the Modern World.

Post Vatican II is in reality The Continuation of The Gathering of all the Bishops in Rome, with The Commissions now continuing their work. It was in a period of 1966 to 1969 that the details of the New Mass were being worked on. It was during this period that 6 Protestant Ministers were called in as Consultants on how to make for a Liturgy of Modern Man(What happened to God in this equation).

November 29th, 1964
Permission granted to use update to the Missale Romanum of 1962 with Update & Permission to offer the Tridentine Mass with parts of it in English being allowed for the 1st Time.
The Latin was retained in the Offertory, where the Priest made reparation for his Sins and for all the Souls both Living & Dead. The Consecration was offered in Latin. Both Offertory & Consecration are prayed Silently. 
Subtractions from the Mass were a short prayer of the Priest just before the Confiteor was said & the Last Gospel, discontinued after the Final Blessing.
Added on Sunday Masses were the Prayers of The Faithful, a variation taken from the Byzantine Divine Liturgies of St. John Chrysostom & St. Basil The Great. Also to be offered is The Sign of Peace, which was last done in the 14th Century, but CONTINUED in the Rite of Antioch with The Maronites.

First Sunday Of Advent 1966
Entire Tridentine Form Mass converts to Vernacular. Latin Masses are Solemn, High Masses only(Missa Cantata).
It is here that The formerly low voice parts at the Offertory & Consecration were now read aloud. At some parishes the Table Altar with Versus Populum is an experiment.
But, there is a Translation Controversy. This Controversy launched the Traditional Latin Mass Movement. For it took a translation of the Latin Phrase “Pro Multis”, from which words like Multiple come From, the phrase was translated into “For All Men”, which is “Pro Omnibus”.
There was also Terminology Changes.
In the Tridentine Latin Mass, The Part of the Mass before the Offertory & Consecration was called “The Mass of The Catechumens.” From the Nicene Creed onward, it was now “The Mass of The Faithful.”
For “Mass of The Catechumens”, the term “Liturgy Of The Word” became the words. The New Operative Words for “Mass of The Faithful” became “Liturgy of The Eucharist.” Something was up.

“The Competent Ecchlesiastical Territory of Bishops”:
In some Archdiocese in South America called Buenos Aires in Argentina, the Metropolitan Archbishop for all of Argentina, found ways not to enforce Summorum Pontificum in regards to the Tridentine Latin Mass of The 1962 Roman Missal. This Archbishop had a nearly barren Seminary & went all OUT with the one thing that Vatican II is most noted for, the “False Ecumenism” of The Age.
Alas, he also never celebrated the Venerable Tridentine Latin Mass. But he does have expertise in the Venerable Divine Liturgies of the Byzantine Rite, namely the Divine Liturgies of St. Basil The Great & St. John Chrysostom(Both revered in the Eastern Orthodox Churches & in the Byzantine Rite of One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, as well as the Roman Rite of The Catholic Church, especially among devotees of The Tridentine Latin Mass).

The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass starts to lose some but not all of The Mystery.

All of The Mass is offered with Priest preaching & praying aloud. Guitar Masses run into the New Mass. More tables and fewer altars appear.

Novus Ordo Mass appears. The Translation from Latin to English is horrible. “And Also With You” replaces ‘”And. With your Spirit.”
Confiteor is a collective prayer. Priest becomes a Presider, as well as performer.
And the back is turned on Christ in the tabernacle. New Mass becomes The Norm. It becomes an Assembly. With table & prayers presenting this as the celebration of a Memorial Supper, the Mass goes off the rails. Theme Masses become all the rage & lose the mystery.

Meanwhile Catholic Traditionalist Movement gains. A number join the Eastern Catholic Churches as the attendance spirals downward.

It is that case today.

Thank You for asking that question, Most Dear Friend for it is the Mass of Protestantism with Byzantine Elements to keep a Catholic Presence, but with None of The Solemnity.
We have turned our backs on God.


“Elton John & Timothy Cardinal Dolan May Like It But I Don’t”

27 Mar

This most recent St. Patrick’s Day Parade on 5th Avenue was, to the Delight of the Secularistic Media Minions, Sir Elton John, Ellen De Generes, Rosie O’Donnell, Neil Patrick Harris & Nathan Lane, as well as Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan, a Day in which avowed Homosexuals marched behind a banner to celebrate Intrinsic acts of unnatural sexual behavior.

Timothy Cardinal Dolan was the “Star” of this show. Ed Sullivan he’s NOT.

Those other stars, In the Future, may appear.

Peptic Bismuth Anyone?


Tolerance Is Often An OXYMORON

24 Mar

From what is going on over in the R C Diocese ‘of Metuchen, NJ, these people would be afraid of Comedian Rip Taylor in all of his flamboyance.
The Teaching Of Catholic Truth, including Doctrine, has been De Emphasized. If One were to ask an 8th Grader What a Sacrament is defined as & its Primary Purpose, one may encounter a Blank Stare. This was NOT the Case 54 Years Ago in Brooklyn, NY, which had to be known before one could receive one’s 1st Holy Communion and THIS was in FIRST Grade.
Today some people define “Good” as “Evil” and Vice Versa. Such is the Case of The Sacrament of Matrimony. A Man takes a Woman to become Husband & Wife. The Two become as One Flesh, as Christ has told this. A Man &  Woman in Holy Matrimony, their purpose is Pro Creative(Conception & Birth of Children).
This is Physically Impossible in the Case of Two Partners of the Same Gender. All kinds of Arrangements  of The Artificial, including a Surrogate, plus SELF Intercourse in the Case of Both Partners, would be needed for Pro Creation. It IS weird if there are Grand Parents. There is NOTHING Here to call Matrimony.
When the Catholic Institution goes by Feelings and NOT by Faith & Reason, the Institution ceases Her Catholicity. By defending the HERETICAL, is to deny Truth.
And by committing towards the Feelings of Messrs Robinson and Lyons over the Truth of Christ as taught by Patricia Jannuzzi, the Denial Of Catholicity is upon the Institution, whereby Immaculata High School, ceases to be a Catholic Institution.

The name of Immaculata connotates the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus.
The Catholic School represents The Bride Of Christ. Anything else is a Mere Edifice or PROTESTANT.

Hire Patricia Jannuzzi back. She teaches Christ’s Truth.

Tolerance is of THIS World & in the Hands of The Enemies of One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Church, is BOTH a Weapon & an Oxymoron.


Novus Ordo Mass With Gregorian Chant

23 Mar

St. Agnes R C Church in Midtown Manhattan on East 43rd Street, like St. Agnes in St. Paul, MN, is known far & wide for the Tridentine Latin Mass & for the use of Gregorian Chant during the Ordinary Form of The Mass. This is a clip of the Communion Antiphon being sung in Latin.
The Entrance, Communion & Offertory Antiphons were sung by Cantor in Latin, as well as the Sanctus & Agnus Dei. The Kyrie was sung in Greek.
This is what the Document in the Sacrosanctum Concillium said about the Roman Rite Liturgy, that Gregorian Chant should be given Pride Of Place in the Mass.
In this Historic Parish where Venerable Archbishop Fulton J Sheen preached his Good Friday Sermons & Originated some of his TV Shows on DuMont & ABC from, it is a Great Thing to hear Gregorian Chant sung in the Ordinary Form of Mass. There is No “Schutte” or “Haugen” Muzak here.

Deo Gratias!


Soup Supper Singalong On Vimeo

21 Mar

Singalong by Holy Child Jesus Young Peoples Chorus, directed by Steve Pullick, to raise funds for Holy Child Jesus Food Pantry, which is directed by Mr Walter Cooper.


NYC Spring Time In About 3 Hours

20 Mar

At least it’ll warm up tomorrow.
The Last Vestiges of Another Bad Winter will fade away EVENTUALLY.


Marxists Celebrate Pope Francis – Breitbart

20 Mar

And Francis I(Jorge Mario Bergoglio) is having a Religious Order “Reformed”, called the Franciscan Friars of The Immaculate, just for the audacity of Offering The Tridentine Latin Mass in addition to the Missa Novus.

Acknowledgement For This Link is “The-American-Catholic.”