Edward John Cardinal Egan, Requiscant In Pace

6 Mar

Edward John Cardinal Egan, Archbishop Emeritus of New York, died yesterday at age 82.
One can be Good & Charismatic, such was John Joseph Cardinal O’Connor.
But One can also be Good & have the Tough Job of having to make Tough Decisions. Such was Edward John Cardinal Egan. A Canon Lawyer, he was active in the Revision of The Code Of Canon Law of 1983.
He is also the 1st Archbishop Emeritus Of New York. He died in that Title.
There are two Times I saw him. One was at the St. Patrick’s Day Committee Meeting in The New York Athletic Club.
But one evening, I was livecasting a Special about the Former Homes of St. Agnes Boys High School, with this part at the Sacred Heart Chapel on East 33rd Street, the Former Parish of Sacred Heart in Manhattan. I caught a glimpse of a Large Bishop walking around & then it hit me. That Large Man made his Residence there.
He was Edward John Cardinal Egan.
And it was after lunch that he passed on.
Kyrie Elaison!
Requiscant In Pace!



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