Daylight Saving Time May Cost You Extra

7 Mar

And it is Bullshoi at this time of year. I recall that in January, 1974, very dark mornings where 8:00AM seemed like Nighttime and lights were on in homes. It didn’t save energy. One feels tired with the shock one feels. It takes awhile to adjust one’s body clock.
I recall at one Knights of Columbus Council that a couple of sick jokers kept scheduling the Council’s Fund Raiser Communion Breakfast for the 1st Sunday of April on the 1st Day of Daylight Saving Time in order to get people to lose interest in the Breakfast. That changed after 5 Times of declining attendance, which was intentional for purpose of getting rid of the Program. It is now held at a more appropriate time later in the Spring with the crowds returning.
Daylight Saving Time on the Second Sunday of March? What kind of Weed was being smoked?
I suspect Crack. And at this time of year, it is plain old dark at 7:00AM. And the lights are lit. Where is the Saving of Energy?

There is None.



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