Fired sportscaster ignites the conversation(Canadian)

7 Mar

Damien Goddard, Catholic Canadian Sportcaster who used to work for Rogers Sportsnet & who on his own time, defended a Hockey Agent, Todd Reynolds Defence of Marriage, between A Man & Woman via Twitter, was fired by Rogers Sportsnet for the Tweet.

This firing was upheld by the Ontario “Human Rights Commission”, basically a Province Controlled “Barristers Club”, who can decide to fine and destroy Canadians, on behalf of the Gay Lobby.

In the words of Canada’s Curmudgeon of Conscience, The Redoubtable Rex Murphy to which exclamation he spoke, “Free Speech, What A Concept”, it is courtesy of those various, Politically Correct “Barrister Clubs”, sanctioned by Leftist Politicians and the Gay Lobby, that debate on the legal & moral ideas of the day, is Stifled. And Ontario is a known bastion of Modern Liberalism(Vomit, Barf, Puke & yes, Excrement, which are words used by a Most Dear Friend to vilify the Deplorably Bad Music sung at various Novus Ordo Catholic Liturgies).

But, with his new Internet Channel,, Damien is there to bring a refreshing Alternative to Politically Correct Gobbledeygook.
Give him a view-You’ll like what you see.

Thank You, Louie Verrecchio.

M, Eh!


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