The Mass Of Man & Protestants=Novus Ordo

12 Mar

For on Saturday, May 8th, 1962, I received my 1st Holy Communion, doing so kneeling & on the tongue. This was the 1st Reception Of The Body Of Christ, done In The Sanctuary, past the Altar Rail, in The City Line Section of Brooklyn, NY, in the Roman Catholic Diocese Of Brooklyn.
All through this Special Children’s Mass, the Priest faced East as we did, as he, an Alter Christus, acted In Persona Christi, on a High Altar, offering the Bloodless Sacrifice to God The Father, in Commemoration of The Great Sacrifice of Good Friday of Jesus Christ On The Cross. The Sacred Bread, the Host, a derivative of the Latin Word “Hostia” which means Victim, was and still is today, changed into The Body Of Christ. For You See, the Priest offers the Gifts of Bread and Wine on The Altar to become The Body & Blood of Jesus Christ, Lord and Saviour. The Priest faced East as we 1st Communicants did.  As we received The Christ under the Appearance of Bread, we were Fed By Christ under the Appearance of The Priest.

The Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass was in Latin. It gives Glory To God. Gloria In Excelsis Deo, Et In Terra Pax Hominibus.

But today, due to an Unfortunate Action In 1969, the High Altar Of Sacrifice was no more unless one could find the Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass, also called The Tridentine Latin Mass. For, in the Inane Belief in False Ecumenism, The Mass was called “The Lord’s Supper Or Mass”, to make this appealing to Protestants, who recognize neither The Sacred Priesthood nor Transubstantiation. In addition, an altar in the form of a Dinner Table is used. Catholics were taught to think of this Sacrament as a Meal instead of a Sacrifice. The Priest also no longer faced East. The Missa Novus is also a New Orientation, with The Priest facing The Assemblage Of Congregants, as if Father was a College Professor, while The Faithful are The Students.

The Solemnity Of Worship became as if a Lecture in a Lecture Hall in University.
All of this is foreign to Catholics at Mass. And Attendance dropped off dramatically. The Mystery was gone. Solemnity was replaced by Banal Muzak. And Latin was replaced with Inaccurate Vernacular Translation, much of it Humanistic instead of God Centred.
On 07-07-07, Pope Benedict XVI promulgated Summorum Pontificum, allowing for the More Generous Offering of the Tridentine Latin Mass. At least it is a Start. While you are at it, the Catholic Byzantine Rite offers the Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass in the Form of the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, which is beautiful and awesome. It is offered in Local Vernaculars but the Sense of Sacrifice is there with the Priest facing East. No Banal Music is played. And if you ever go to a Byzantine Catholic Liturgy, note that His Holiness The Pope is prayed for a total of 4 Times. There is Glorious Iconostasis. Trust me that like the Tridentine Latin Mass, you will be awed by this Liturgy which is Most Heavenly.

It is NOT “The Mass Of Man.”

Deo Gratias!



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