Tolerance Is Often An OXYMORON

24 Mar

From what is going on over in the R C Diocese ‘of Metuchen, NJ, these people would be afraid of Comedian Rip Taylor in all of his flamboyance.
The Teaching Of Catholic Truth, including Doctrine, has been De Emphasized. If One were to ask an 8th Grader What a Sacrament is defined as & its Primary Purpose, one may encounter a Blank Stare. This was NOT the Case 54 Years Ago in Brooklyn, NY, which had to be known before one could receive one’s 1st Holy Communion and THIS was in FIRST Grade.
Today some people define “Good” as “Evil” and Vice Versa. Such is the Case of The Sacrament of Matrimony. A Man takes a Woman to become Husband & Wife. The Two become as One Flesh, as Christ has told this. A Man &  Woman in Holy Matrimony, their purpose is Pro Creative(Conception & Birth of Children).
This is Physically Impossible in the Case of Two Partners of the Same Gender. All kinds of Arrangements  of The Artificial, including a Surrogate, plus SELF Intercourse in the Case of Both Partners, would be needed for Pro Creation. It IS weird if there are Grand Parents. There is NOTHING Here to call Matrimony.
When the Catholic Institution goes by Feelings and NOT by Faith & Reason, the Institution ceases Her Catholicity. By defending the HERETICAL, is to deny Truth.
And by committing towards the Feelings of Messrs Robinson and Lyons over the Truth of Christ as taught by Patricia Jannuzzi, the Denial Of Catholicity is upon the Institution, whereby Immaculata High School, ceases to be a Catholic Institution.

The name of Immaculata connotates the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus.
The Catholic School represents The Bride Of Christ. Anything else is a Mere Edifice or PROTESTANT.

Hire Patricia Jannuzzi back. She teaches Christ’s Truth.

Tolerance is of THIS World & in the Hands of The Enemies of One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Church, is BOTH a Weapon & an Oxymoron.



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