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30 Apr

E 43 St. Agnes Tridentine In The Basement

27 Apr

New Pews are being installed at St. Agnes R C Church on East 43rd Street, Lexington to 3rd Avenue on the cross, in Midtown Manhattan. So all Masses are being moved into the Parish Center in the Basement.
The last time I went to Mass in the Basement was when I was in Freshman Year of St. Agnes HS in 1969, so it has been 45 Years since I went to Mass there(The Last Days of The Tridentine Form Mass until The Tridentine Latin Mass returned Gloriously).The High School has since folded(2013 uptown, and not under Parish Control since 1990). The Reputation of The Parish is a Great Parish for Classical Music & Gregorian Chant. It had an effect on me this morning in that it was truly emotional.

Just being in the Basement was part of memories of long ago. Another thing is that I never went to a Novus Ordo in that part of the building. For I went to the Missa Cantata, the Finest One ever sung to date. The “Aperges Me” was sung as we were blessed by The Priest with Holy Water.
Four Very Lovely Voiced Young Ladies along with a Soloist, made for memorable renditions of “Kyrie” & “Gloria”, as Tears streamed down my face. This Mass is the TRUE, Holy Sacrifice of The Mass. The “Gloria In Excelis Deo” is certainly NOT the One written by Dan Schutte, to the Tune of “My Little Pony” in This Case. The St. Louis Jesuits would not feel comfortable at this performance. Schutte, Haas, Haugen & Farrell would make this Missa Cantata sound like Lite FM 106.7, to which My Most Dear Friend would call “The Chant of Vomit.”

The Catholic(Both Greek & Roman/Latin)way of the Scriptural Readings, is for Epistle, Gradual & Gospel, is used here. The Gospel Reading was of Christ telling His Apostles that He will be going Back To The Father but that the Holy Spirit will be with them, as He promised them to protect The Apostles from teaching Error.

Due to the cramped conditions inside of The Basement, under instruction of Father Myles Murphy, in order to keep traffic flowing, we stood for Holy Communion, just like it is done in the Byzantine Rite.
Some Genuflected before The Body of Christ. I performed a Byzantine bow, only to crack into The Paten, which keeps any tiny particles from the Consecrated Hosts from falling on the Floor. One could call this a “Byz-Lat” Moment as the two practices merged together in a Rare Moment in Tridentine Land.

After Mass, a Gentleman named David was holding court. David is truly an Expert in the Tridentine Latin Mass which he still remembers as a child & He does remember in the way I remembered, when Women always covered their heads BEFORE entering Church. Men were to be bareheaded just before entering Church. This was covered under the Code of Canon Law until the repeal in the November, 1983 Code of Canon Law. The Law was disregarded once The Novus Ordo Mass of what seems to be One Novelty After Another, came into being.
David & I both know the same woman in Queens. She currently wears the Mantilla, at a Novus Ordo Mass, which is a great thing. It is a reminder of The Truly Catholic Past, which looks to become part of The Present & Future.

Tradition is “En Vogue”, Again.

Deo Gratias!


From Freedom To Liberty, The Novus Ordo Mass Part One.

24 Apr

Perhaps in 1967, when one of my Nuns(Who Wasn’t One By June 18th, 1969) began to wear a Modern Habit, I had an idea that something was about to change, for later that year, something called “The Folk Mass” was to come of age.
For the US Conference Of Catholic Bishops, petitioned the Holy See & called for Total Vernacular and Offertory & Consecration to be recited aloud. I finally got to hear both Offertory & Roman Canon Consecration Prayers for the Very 1st Time. This was still the Tridentine Form of The Mass. This is also where the “Pro Multis” Translation became controversial. One could say that a New Movement was underway. In fact, TWO Movements were underway. One was “Sedevacantism” where the Chair of Peter has been vacant since Pope Pius XII, said by Sedevacantists to be the Last Real Pope, With Antipopes occupying the Chair of Peter. The Other Movement is The Catholic Traditionalist Movement, calling For Authentic Catholic Liturgy & Practice, including The Tridentine Mass in Latin.

The Translation Controversy:
Multis, a Latin Word, is Root for “Multiple, Multiply, Multi.” But Multis, is also Many. Yet, Multis was translated as All. Omni is the Latin for All. This pattern would follow into the Novus Ordo Missae, where until 1St Sunday of Advent, 2011, the English Language “Translations” were Suspect.

As to which person had the sheer audacity to come up with the “Guitar Mass”  was Benedictine Arch Abbot Rembert Weakland, now Archbishop Emeritus of the R C Archdiocese of Milwaukee, WI. He and a group of Bishops had exploited the Ambiguous Language of Sacrosanctum Concilium in regards to Appropriate Liturgical Music in Place of Gregorian Chant. Do you think that I like Guitar Masses? By the time that I was 16, I had enough of that Music, which wouldn’t go over too well in a Greenwich Village Kaffehaus.

Two Additions & Two Subtractions(Tridentine Form):
The “Judica Me Deus” prayer of The Priest was eliminated in 1965. The Last Gospel According To St. John, which is The Story of The Incarnation, was also eliminated.
The Addition was called and still called today “General Intercessions-Prayers of The Faithful.” Some people think that this is Lutheran but is actually derived from the Byzantine Rite Divine Liturgies of St. John Chrysostom and St. Basil The Great(Tridentine Calendar Feast Days are in January). At 1st this Line of Chant was sung or said on Sundays after the Nicene Creed, then was added to be offered 7 Days a Week in the Novus Ordo.
The Other was the extension of The Kiss of Peace to the General Congregation. This Practice faded away many centuries ago in the Roman/Latin Church but was kept alive by The Maronite Catholic Church in The Antiochean Rite. This would continue in the New Mass, in The current form at one Rather Large Parish Church In Forest Hills, where it’s Nickname is “The Martyrs Wave” since everybody is so spread out, particularly at The 8:00AM Daily Mass.
I will state that the Byzantine Rite Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom is both a Mass of Sacrifice and Reparation, and a Source of Instruction, a Key to understanding both the Ordinary Form of Mass today & the Tridentine Form of Mass.

The Mass Of Freedom & The Mass Of Liberty:
Freedom means being Free to do what is required, while Liberty, which is part & Parcel, Liberalism, means being Free to do whatever One wants to do.

As to what occurred when the Roman Latin Catholic Church when the Mass was switched from Freedom To Liberty, or from Truly Roman Rite to Neo-Protestantism, it began slowly on Sunday, November 29th, 1964, here in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn, NY. Mass began as Usual at The Appointed Times. But, the 1st Appearance of Laity came to the Tridentine Form of The Mass In the Form of a Commentator(If You are thinking of FOX Sports One Time Lead Baseball Analyst, Tim Mc Carver, who is Catholic of Irish Descent, you would not only be incorrect, you would be thinking that Acoustic Torture occurred. In a few instances it might be True). The Commentator explained the Parts of The Mass which until November 29th, 1964, were in Latin. Frankly, this 1st Novelty was NOT Needed, especially since this was the Same Form of Mass as it was in Latin. The Offertory & Consecration were offered in Latin. The Changes were as follows:
The “Judica Me Deus”(“Judge Me O God”), recited by The Priest, as a form of Humility before God The Father, as the Priest acts “In Persona Christi”(In The Person of Christ) to offer Christ’s Sacrifice to The Father at The High Altar,as Another Christ(Alter Christus).
The Priest’s Confession of Sins occurred with his recitation of The Confiteor. The Servers & now joined by the Parishioners did the Response to the Priest’s Confiteor. The Public Confiteor was recited by the Parishioners, followed by The Priest giving his absolution followed by the Amen from the People in The Pews. The names of the Saints(Blessed Virgin Mary, Blessed Michael The Archangel, Blessed John The Baptist, The Holy Apostles Peter & Paul & All The Saints)were still intact so that they may be intercessors before God.

The Kyrie retained the “3, 3, 3” format. The Gloria followed The Kyrie(Except in Advent & Lent).
The Introit(Opening Prayer) was recited before the Epistle, followed by The Gradual and then The Gospel. After the Gospel came the Homily.

This 1st Part of The Mass, called The Mass of The Catechumens(Those Under Religious Instruction for Coming into The Catholic Church) was now called “Liturgy Of The Word.”

The Second Part of The Mass, which was called “Mass Of The Faithful”, was renamed “Liturgy Of The Eucharist.” Only on Sundays, was the the Nicene Creed prayed(Credo In Uno Deo or “I Believe In One God”). What followed on Sundays was a New Part of The Mass, called “Prayers Of The Faithful-General Intercessions.” This is a Byzantine Rite Import, coming from the General Prayer of The Divine Liturgies of The Byzantine Rite, which most Latin Rite Catholics have No Idea about. Many Roman Rite Catholics believed this to be a Protestant Innovation. Then again, most Roman Rite Catholics have no idea about Eastern Catholic Churches. Those of us who head to The Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom in the Ruthenian or Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, are used to these acclamations during the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Antiphons. Protestant, it is NOT. St. John Chrysostom would come down on you for talking about this, as he is a Doctor Of The Church.

The Offertory had 6 Prayers in the Roman/Latin Rite, where The Priest anticipated The Sacrifice by praying for Forgiveness of his sins as well as for Those People, Living & Dead. There is also The Epiclesis to call upon The Holy Spirit to come upon The Bread & Wine to become The Body & Blood of Christ. In The Byzantine Rite, the Epiclesis is during the Eucharistic Canon.
Finally, there is a Prayer for Purifying the Hands, which is part of the Byzantine Rite’s Preparation of The Gifts before the Public part of the Divine Liturgies.

This is still a Sacrificial Mass. This Mass is still The Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass. The Priest still faced towards Jerusalem.
The Orate Fratres was recited, followed by a Prayer followed by the Sanctus & then The Roman Canon. There was only ONE Canon. There was no Parenthesis & Option. Everything was offered. At the Time of The Consecration, there was no Narrative. It was all The Words of Christ which the Priest prayed. When the Blood was consecrated, the Words “Mysterium Fidei”(Mystery of Faith) were spoken, signifying that Transubstantiation(Elements were changed) to the Body & Blood, Soul & Divinity of Christ) had occurred.
The Prayers CONTINUED with the end of Each Prayer stating “Though Christ Our Lord.”
Then, The Lord’s Prayer(Our Father) was prayed. It is here that the Kiss of Peace was prayed. The Sign of Peace was only an option. Then the Holy Communion Rite, where the Priest received 1st, followed by Public Reception occurred. The Ejaculation of “Domine Non Sum Dignus”(O Lord I am Not Worthy) was recited 3 Times by Priest and later by The Congregation.
People knelt and received Holy Communion.
Beginning at Easter in 1964, The Priest said “Corpus Christi” and the Response was “Amen.” Translated into English, it was “Body of Christ” followed by “Amen”(From 11/29/1964 onward).

There was no Last Gospel on 11-29-1964 except at the High Mass(Still The Tridentine Latin Mass).

The Blessing came followed by a Final Priestly Prayer & then the Dismissal with the Sign of The Cross.

On Sunday, November 30th, 1969 things would be so Different. The Translation was Horrible. And The Mass had a New Name, using what the Church of England gave the Liturgy, “The Lord’s Supper, Also Called The Mass, it was “Welcome To Protestantism in The Roman Rite Of The Catholic Church”, as the Priest faced the Congregation for the 1st Time. It was weird to be at this Mass. The Confiteor left out the Saints, except for One Mention of Blessed Mary Ever Virgin near the end of The Prayer and a Double Mention of “Vos Fratres”(My Brethren in a Politically Correct Form, of “Brothers & Sisters”, leaving out of the “Translation” of “Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa”(Through My Fault, Through My Fault, Through My Most Grievous Fault). This turned out to be an option.
The Kyrie went in a “2, 2, 2” configuration. Eventually the Gloria was said by Christmas. The Nicene Creed was badly Translated and turned into a Communal Response. The Confiteor was mistranslated. Years later I read the Confiteor and found that it took its Cue from the Lutheran Version of The Prayer.
The Offertory took its Cue from A Book, Condemned by Christ, called The Talmud, a book of Jewish Traditions, which cursed both Christ & The Blessed Virgin Mary. No longer were prayers for Living and Dead offered by The Priest, who was called “Presider”. Something had gone terribly wrong.

And People eventually stopped showing up for Mass.
And Chaos Reigned. Eventually there was Holy Communion in The Hand & Standing for Holy Communion. Mass Schedules changed dramatically. For once there were 10 Sunday Masses. In many of the Parishes, there are only 10 Masses all Week..

In the Parish in which I was baptized in City Line, Brooklyn, there were 10 Masses on Sunday. Today, there are only 10 Scheduled Masses all week, excluding Funerals & Weddings.
Daily Masses were offered at 6, 7, 8 & 9:00AM. Once a month, on 1st Friday, Mass was offered at 11:00AM, followed by Benediction of The Blessed Sacrament for the Children of The Catholic School.

The beginnings of Saturday Vigil Masses was in 1970 here In the Brooklyn Diocese. That 7:30PM Mass was well attended. It had NONE of the Horrible Music which drove people on Sunday, crazy.
But, attendance dropped so Masses were consolidated. Masses started at 8AM, 9:30AM, 11AM & 12:30PM. Masses in the School Hall no longer occurred. There were only 5 Sunday Masses including the Saturday Vigil. Hence, the results of the change of The Mass was beginning to be felt. The Teaching of The Catholic Faith in Catholic Schools dispensed with the Teaching of Sound Doctrine. Concepts replaced Doctrine.

Two and One Half Generations of Young People were lost. I remember one 1969 Elementary School Classmate, became a Baptist. The Tridentine Latin Mass which reinforced Catholic Teaching, was offered in very few places.

IT’S A DISASTER. What was supposed to be “Renewal Through The Liturgy” & a “New Springtime”, has been a Long Winter.

End of Part I.

Kyrie Elaison!


Earth Day In Queens & Storms

22 Apr

It is cool weather in NYC. The Air can be a bit unstable. Warm Air clashed with Cool Air with the Result being a pretty wild Thunderstorm with Penny Sized Hail.
It was loud that thunder. No doubt that lightning was nearby, explained the profound loudness of the thunder. God, through Nature, put on quite a show.

Yet, Earth Day is more of a Day of Man, when it is a Day to appreciate God’s Great Creation of the Physical and Spiritual World. It is NOT a mere day of Commerce as Earth Day has become.

April Showers do bring May Flowers.

Pray for California that California may find Faith & Rain(Both In Abundance).


New from Remnant TV: SSPXophobia: From Voris to Mirus to…Hillary Clinton?

21 Apr

The Opening features Ryan Fitzgerald, a Commentator from Church, sounding as if Michael Voris is dictating what is said.</strong>This sounds a lot like The YES Network(Yankees Entertainment SUCKS), where a certain Play By Play Caller, sounds like some member of The Steinbrenner Family May have a gun to the Play Caller’s Head. No, this person is NOT Suzynne Waldman. She is too busy recovering from her now famous call of “Roger Clemens is in George Steinbrenner’s Bawx…Oh my Goodness…Goodness Gracious.”
For Michael Voris to claim that 5 Cardinals revealed to him that the Priestly Society of St. Pius X are in Schism, yet fail to reveal who these 5 Cardinals are, smacks of Sensationalism. Mikey must think that he is placating Rupert Murdoch.

Who Are The 5 Cardinals, Michael? What Countries Are They From, Michael?

And WHY do I watch Remnant TV? Because they are Honest and Truthful. Ditto, Catholic Family News With John Vennari! And Louie Verecchio on “The Tradwriter”, his show is Real & Honest.

Michael & Company, I have come to a Conclusion that if Pope Francis I wanted to disband the Tridentine Latin Mass and said so, your crew would say that the statement is a Bad Translation from the Slavonic. It just gets more bizarre by The Minute from that Warehouse In Ferndale, MI, the Epicentre of Detroit’s Queer Lifestyle. You need to learn more about the Faith which you profess to know and webcast to thousands, hence you need to leave The Warehouse every so often. Sending Terry Carroll on “Search & Intimidate” Missions, does NOT “Cut It.”

Do Watch The Video, as Michael Matt & Christopher Ferrara do have something to say, regarding the SSPX. This is an Informative, Entertaining Piece.


The Old Julian & New Julian Calendar & Blessed Bread

20 Apr

If I am going to head to Mass This Spring & Summer, especially in regards to Sunday Obligation, it will be to the Tridentine Latin Mass in the Roman/Latin Rite of The One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. The Silence and Awe is amazing. And so is the Practice of kneeling to receive Holy Communion on one’s Tongue.
But, there is something just as Traditional & Mystical & often in English, Catholic and not in Latin.

I know that statement of Pope St. John Paul II is operational here. “The Church breathes With Both Lungs, Eastern & Western.” Hence, we are in The One, True Church, The One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Church, One with Both Eastern & Western Customs but One in Faith & Doctrine.

Hence, Yesterday I was at the Divine Liturgy Of Saint John Chrysostom at the 5PM Saturday Vigil at Holy Cross Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in The Byzantine Rite of The Catholic Church, one In Union with The Holy See & The Whole Church throughout The World. This is part of The Eastern World of The Catholic Church.

This Liturgy is truly “Other Worldly.” The Priest is One who offers Sacrifice, acting “In Persona Christi”, in offering Sacrifice to The Heavenly Father. Most Divine Liturgies have Cantors. This one did not, but was solemn & beautiful.

On The 1st Sunday After Easter, this is called “Sunday Of St. Thomas”, for in This Gospel, The Apostle Thomas was Absent from the Upper Room.
He was told by The Other Apostles that they had seen The Risen Lord. Now Thomas at THIS point is the Only Apostle not to have seen Jesus. He didn’t believe the Account. He had to see for himself.
On The Next Sunday, Jesus again appeared to The Apostles. Jesus invites Thomas to Touch Him in His Side, His Hands & Feet. Up to This Point, Thomas had doubt. After touching These Parts of The Christ, He Who Rose From The Dead, Thomas exclaimed “My Lord & My God”(“Dominus Meus Et Deus Meus”).

For today we have His Church, One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic to Both Teach & Remind us of His Presence on Earth, as He left us 7 Sacraments(Mysteries), which give us His Grace. This is His Church by means there is no other way to Salvation.

Don’t be a “Doubting Thomas.” “Viva El Christo Rey.”

For Christ Gave us & STILL Gives us His Body and Blood, in short, ALL OF HIM, in Holy Communion in HIS Church, both East & West. For I was in The East on Saturday, Early Evening in The Byzantine Rite. It is No Less Catholic than The Roman Rite.
The Byzantine Rite Parishes I have been to, offered Blessed Bread at The End of The Divine Liturgy, which is a Custom. To which I say:

Deo Gratias!


From The Propagandist “Michael Vorisilli”(Snark Attack)

15 Apr

Is Michael Voris finally “Losing It”?

In This Video, one of his “Kiddie Corps” alleged “News Reporters”, is delivering a fraudulent story about the Society of St. Pius X, being in Schism.
What occurred in the R C Archdiocese of Buenas Aires, is sending the Quasi Cultish into a Hissy Fit. The Priestly Society of St. Pius X has regularized their Catholic Status in Argentina, with both the Assistance of T the Archbishop of Buenas Aires, Cardinal Poli and the Nation of Argentina.

STOP THE LIES, Michael. What next, a Cult In the Caribbean called “Vorisville”?

Nice Try By Your Mole on The Remnant Newspaper Comment Boxes to Obfusticate. I would say that “Guest” is actually a Ghostwriter of Yours, who likes to write Manifestos. He is like the little kid in Brooklyn who hides behind the fence & throws rocks.

OPEN YOUR COMBOXES, COWARD! And WHO Are the 5 Cardinals behind the “ SSPX Schism” Tale”?

Or YOU Will be forced to sit between Joe Buck & Tim Mc Carver on “MLB On FOX.” I think that you get the picture, if you know what I mean.


“Christ Is Risen, Indeed He Is”(Byzantine Ukrainian Catholics)

13 Apr

So speaketh the Very Reverend Father Bernard Panczuk, Pastor of St. George Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, at the Sunday 4PM Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom. For Today, Christ is Risen & Today is Easter Sunday in both the Eastern Orthodox and Eastern Catholic Churches on the Old Byzantine Calendar, as well as for those Churches of the Roman/Latin Rite when these Western Churches are in a Byzantine Rite Majority Region.

The Gospel According to St. John The Apostle, was that of The Story of The Incarnation(And The Word Was Made Flesh). Those of you who go rather frequently to The Tridentine Latin Mass, know this Gospel, because it is recited by the Priest at the End of The Tridentine Latin Mass. Latins do genuflect at the phrase ” And The Word was made Flesh.”
And so, in the Words of Remnant Editor Mr Michael Matt, I “took a knee” at the words “& The Word Was Made Flesh.”

Those of You who often go to the Tridentine Latin Mass(T L M)@ Holy Innocents & St. Agnes, particularly at Holy Innocents, have knowledge of the Byzantine Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, especially the Catholic Version at St. George Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church on East 7th Street. It is on East 7th Street at 2nd Avenue where a serious building collapse occurred about a week ago. Strange but more People have been going to Liturgies at St. George. It is a Great Sign for the Parish.

There is No Holy Communion “A Mano”, here. Those of you who frequent the “Missa Novus Ordo” with Holy Communion being placed in your right hand, well, just like at the T L M, it will not occur at the Divine Liturgy.
Unlike in the “Missa Novus Ordo”, There is no Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion holding a Chalice. Only the Priest may distribute Holy Communion. The Sacrament is by Intinction and distributed to Communicants using a Gold Plated Communion Spoon.

This Easter Celebration this Year is the 1st Time I have celebrated Easter Sunday Bi-Ritually. Last Week, it was the Saturday Night Tridentine Latin Easter Vigil. This Week it is the Byzantine Rite Catholic Easter Divine Liturgy.

After receiving The Most Blessed Sacrament of The Altar, both Body and Blood, my eyes welled up with Tears, as I returned to the Pew.

A Farewell Blessing by Anointing, to remind The Faithful of The Sacraments of Initiation(Baptism & Chrismation[Confirmation to Those Faithful From The Roman/Latin Rite]) was done by a Visiting Priest, as this Divine Liturgy was concelebrated at St. George.The Blessed(Not Consecrated) Bread, which in Greek is called Antidoron, was given upon request. This is the only known Time of The Liturgical Year that this is done in This Parish.

Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia!


Sunday Of St. Thomas The Apostle(Byzantine)

12 Apr

This is the Second Sunday Of Easter, which is what the Roman Rite Ordinary Form says about today. The Byzantine Rite calls this The Sunday of St. Thomas.
For You see, Thomas, in one of The Gospels, says in relation to Christ “Let US Go With Him so that We may die With Him.” Thomas is also One who asks questions. He established Christianity in India.
In the Tridentine Calendar, This is called The 1st Sunday After Easter. For today, I have decided to head to St. George Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church of The Byzantine Rite, praying an Ancient & Venerable Liturgy, The Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom since the 4th Century Anno Domini.
No Musical Instruments are ever used in a Byzantine Rite Church so it is A Capella. The singing of Chants & Prayers is done here. There is no chance of anything by Marty Haugen, David Haas or Dan Schutte being sung here. Forget “Table Of Plenty” or “Gift Of Finest Wheat” being sung at this Liturgy
which would cause a revolt, the likes of which one can only imagine.

On To The East Village I must go.

Deo Gratias!


The NY Yankees, As Of Now, SUCK!

12 Apr

You may have heard that chant of “Yankees Suck” , during their World Series & Playoff Run. Frankly, I think that The Postseason Run is over for a few years(Called Eternity in Yankees Land). It doesn’t really take anything to be a Yankees Fan, except for the Ability as a Braggart, with such Athletic Skills as jumping on a Bandwagon, as well as long memories on every record both real and imagined.
But, now they have lost two series at home. Derek Jeter & Mariano Rivera are retired. Paul O’Neill is In the YES Booth.  Bernie Williams is busy making Fine Latin Music. Jason Giambi retired out of an Indians Uniform. A-Rod is 40 this year. Mark Texiera will not be sending too many “Tex Messages.” Funny but the Red Sox Series is not sold out.
For the NY Yankees failed to make Postseason in 2013 & 2014. Prior to that, there was no appearance in Postseason in 2008, the last season of Yankee Stadium II.
Many People said Joe Torre was a Genius. Actually, he was Nothing without Don Zimmer(Requiscant In Pace). Willie Randolph was Torre’s Bench Coach when the Yankees led 3 Games to None over the Red Sox, as the great Yankees Collapse occurred when Dave Roberts stole 2nd Base & the Yankees Bullpen went to pieces including The Great Mariano Rivera. Willie did go onto be a Fine Manager of The Mets, who used to watch Mets Games from Shea Stadium’s Upper Level when Willie was a child.
Zimmer,,you see, got into a disagreement with George Steinbrenner after the 2003 World Series. I am surprised that George didn’t Replace Zimmer with George Costanza. Torre managed the Yankees until 2007.

The Last Member of the 1996 World Championship Yankees is Joe Girardi, named Manager in 2008. That 1st Season was the Farewell to Yankee Stadium II. After 13 Seasons of making Postseason, there was no Postseason for the NY Yankees. It was a Sign that Postseason would become harder & harder to attain. Torre would attain this goal for 12 Seasons including 6 World Series Appearances, winning 4 & Losing Two. The 2004 ALCS would be an Embarassment of Monumental Proportions because of the Red Sox Comeback from being down 0-3.

2013, 2014 is no Yankees Postseason. It looks to be Ditto for 2015.

To paraphrase John Sterling:
“Yankees Lose! Thahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yankees SUCK!”