2100 Hours(9PM EDT) Easter Vigil Mass In Latin Holy Innocents

4 Apr

I can always go to OLQM Forest Hills on. Easter Sunday Mass at the 11:30AM High Mass, but I am going to be heading to Holy Innocents on W37th Street for the 9PM Easter Vigil Mass in Latin. I have never been to the Easter Vigil in Tridentine Form before. This is my 1st Ever Time. I was way too young when the Easter Vigil Mass was in Latin.

As David Layne once said to me outside of St. Agnes East 43rd Street Midtown after the 11:00AM Sunday Tridentine Latin Mass, that “The Latin Mass is The Youth Movement of The Catholic Church”, hence it is time to experience that Youth Movement.

Thank You Mother Mary, Queen of Heaven & Earth.


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