A masterstroke of evil genius | Harvesting the Fruit of the Vatican II

10 Apr


The Novus Ordo Mass & So Called “Inculturation”, is really nothing more than presenting “Entertainment”, with a Mass included.
One can almost envision a “Chuck Barris” Style to The Sacred Liturgy, perhaps in the form of “The $.99 Beauty Pageant” or “The Gong Show.”

As a Dear Friend once called it, “Bad Yogurt which sits in the Sun for 3 Days, is pretty bad.”
Actually, that would be “Rotted Milk”, which would cause massive nausea+Other Maladies. So imagine a Mass of assorted(& Sordid)”Entertainments”, and what they would do for(& TO) Your Soul.

It ain’t Pretty & is Blasphemous.


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