The Old Julian & New Julian Calendar & Blessed Bread

20 Apr

If I am going to head to Mass This Spring & Summer, especially in regards to Sunday Obligation, it will be to the Tridentine Latin Mass in the Roman/Latin Rite of The One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. The Silence and Awe is amazing. And so is the Practice of kneeling to receive Holy Communion on one’s Tongue.
But, there is something just as Traditional & Mystical & often in English, Catholic and not in Latin.

I know that statement of Pope St. John Paul II is operational here. “The Church breathes With Both Lungs, Eastern & Western.” Hence, we are in The One, True Church, The One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Church, One with Both Eastern & Western Customs but One in Faith & Doctrine.

Hence, Yesterday I was at the Divine Liturgy Of Saint John Chrysostom at the 5PM Saturday Vigil at Holy Cross Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in The Byzantine Rite of The Catholic Church, one In Union with The Holy See & The Whole Church throughout The World. This is part of The Eastern World of The Catholic Church.

This Liturgy is truly “Other Worldly.” The Priest is One who offers Sacrifice, acting “In Persona Christi”, in offering Sacrifice to The Heavenly Father. Most Divine Liturgies have Cantors. This one did not, but was solemn & beautiful.

On The 1st Sunday After Easter, this is called “Sunday Of St. Thomas”, for in This Gospel, The Apostle Thomas was Absent from the Upper Room.
He was told by The Other Apostles that they had seen The Risen Lord. Now Thomas at THIS point is the Only Apostle not to have seen Jesus. He didn’t believe the Account. He had to see for himself.
On The Next Sunday, Jesus again appeared to The Apostles. Jesus invites Thomas to Touch Him in His Side, His Hands & Feet. Up to This Point, Thomas had doubt. After touching These Parts of The Christ, He Who Rose From The Dead, Thomas exclaimed “My Lord & My God”(“Dominus Meus Et Deus Meus”).

For today we have His Church, One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic to Both Teach & Remind us of His Presence on Earth, as He left us 7 Sacraments(Mysteries), which give us His Grace. This is His Church by means there is no other way to Salvation.

Don’t be a “Doubting Thomas.” “Viva El Christo Rey.”

For Christ Gave us & STILL Gives us His Body and Blood, in short, ALL OF HIM, in Holy Communion in HIS Church, both East & West. For I was in The East on Saturday, Early Evening in The Byzantine Rite. It is No Less Catholic than The Roman Rite.
The Byzantine Rite Parishes I have been to, offered Blessed Bread at The End of The Divine Liturgy, which is a Custom. To which I say:

Deo Gratias!


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