New from Remnant TV: SSPXophobia: From Voris to Mirus to…Hillary Clinton?

21 Apr

The Opening features Ryan Fitzgerald, a Commentator from Church, sounding as if Michael Voris is dictating what is said.</strong>This sounds a lot like The YES Network(Yankees Entertainment SUCKS), where a certain Play By Play Caller, sounds like some member of The Steinbrenner Family May have a gun to the Play Caller’s Head. No, this person is NOT Suzynne Waldman. She is too busy recovering from her now famous call of “Roger Clemens is in George Steinbrenner’s Bawx…Oh my Goodness…Goodness Gracious.”
For Michael Voris to claim that 5 Cardinals revealed to him that the Priestly Society of St. Pius X are in Schism, yet fail to reveal who these 5 Cardinals are, smacks of Sensationalism. Mikey must think that he is placating Rupert Murdoch.

Who Are The 5 Cardinals, Michael? What Countries Are They From, Michael?

And WHY do I watch Remnant TV? Because they are Honest and Truthful. Ditto, Catholic Family News With John Vennari! And Louie Verecchio on “The Tradwriter”, his show is Real & Honest.

Michael & Company, I have come to a Conclusion that if Pope Francis I wanted to disband the Tridentine Latin Mass and said so, your crew would say that the statement is a Bad Translation from the Slavonic. It just gets more bizarre by The Minute from that Warehouse In Ferndale, MI, the Epicentre of Detroit’s Queer Lifestyle. You need to learn more about the Faith which you profess to know and webcast to thousands, hence you need to leave The Warehouse every so often. Sending Terry Carroll on “Search & Intimidate” Missions, does NOT “Cut It.”

Do Watch The Video, as Michael Matt & Christopher Ferrara do have something to say, regarding the SSPX. This is an Informative, Entertaining Piece.


3 Responses to “New from Remnant TV: SSPXophobia: From Voris to Mirus to…Hillary Clinton?”

  1. Stephen Dalton 2015/04/22 at 14:00 #

    Speaking about the epicenter of the gay lifestyle, remember what happened several years ago at then RCTV? One of Mikey’s flunky’s, Simon Rafe, was caught up in a queer porn scandal. If I remember right, he posted homoerotic fantasy stories on the internet. Rafe was supposedly disciple and promoted. At the time, I thought Mike did the right thing. However, looking back on this incident, I don’t think Voris handled this rightly. Years ago, even in a secular business, when someone was outed as a queer, he was asked to resign or was fired. Ordinary, decent people didn’t want to be around them. In the religion realm, it was the same way, with the penalty of excommunication added onto the firing or resignation. Question: why would Voris keep such an individual on staff? He has many, impressionable young men and women working for CM.Com. Doesn’t he realize the potential more scandals? I think we need to watch Voris&Co. like a hawk, for I think something bad will go down soon.

    • A Roaming Catholic 2015/05/14 at 18:45 #

      Perhaps, Voris is hiding something which Rafe is holding over his head.

      • Stephen Dalton 2016/08/04 at 04:22 #

        And now, a year later, we know what that bad thing is!

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