No Thank You MTLOA(Sed Deo Gratias) With Humor

3 May

The Ever Contemptible Metropolitan Transportation Lack of Authority, a Bondholder Benefit Boondoggle Corporation for The Southeastern Part of The State of New York, governed by The Apostate Catholic, Andrew Cuomo, whose Lifetime Membership in The Archbishop Molloy High School Hall of Fame should be revoked forthwith, has found ways to prevent Practicing Traditionalist Roman/Latin Catholics and NY Mets Fans(A Good Number of Whom are Both), from arriving at their planned destinations.
I was unable to arrive at St. Agnes East 43rd Street on time, due to The IRT Lexington Avenue Local being diverted downtown on The Express Track. The 7 Train was also rerouted through a Bottleneck at Vernon Boulevard & Jackson Avenue Station in Long Island City In Queens. NY Mets Fans are in for a rough ride to Citi Field as I speak.

“Sed Libera Nos A Missa Nova”(But Deliver Us From The New Mass):
Since I am in no mood to sing “Gloria In Excelsis Deo” in English, to the Opening Theme Song of the Cartoon, “My Little Pony” & since having gone to Tridentine Latin Mass of The Roman Missal of 1962, by returning to the venerable form In 2007, I have met people who recommended The Byzantine Rite and the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom(Bishop, Confessor, and Doctor of The Church, With Feasts on both the Novus Ordo & Tridentine Calendars in the Roman/Latin Rite).

Only on weekends is this charming little cafe’ open. For US$5, I was fed reasonably well. St. George Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church owns & operates this cafe’.

I AM diagonally across East 7th Street in Manhattan’s East Village from Mc Soreley’s Ale House. At 4PM, in English, the Divine Liturgy will commence as 3rd Sunday After Easter in the Julian Calendar.
There are no organs played here. In fact as is Byzantine Practice, The Human Voice is the only musical instrument allowed. There is often a choir. Monophonic Chant is sung here. And there are no Parish Liturgy Committees here. You know the definition of Parish Liturgy Committee is a group of People, involved in the Novus Ordo Parish, who think in terms of “Enhancing” the Mass with “Music”(Songs of Self, of the Treacly Variety, which are sometimes known to induce Vomiting, with long lines at what My Most Dear Friend calls the Vomitarium, usually in the Mens’ & Ladies’ Toilets). Another thing in this world of “Inculturation” is that most of these people have far less training in Music than an Organ Grinder With His/Her Monkey. Traditionalists do not travel long distances to hear The “Gregorian Chant Version” of “The Anthem” by Tom Conry which could be used instead of Waterboarding to get information out of War Prisoners at Gitmo(Ditto, Any Gregorian Chant Version of Any Song by Dan Schutte or Marty Haugen). The Geneva Convention May permit it for sheer laughter. In reality, it would be called “GagorianĀ  Chant.” The Titular Archbishop of The See of Bababuis, Howard “Cardinal” Stern, would issue an Anathema For This.

For I Thank The Lord for leading me to this Eastern Catholic Oasis in Manhattan’s East Village, to pray The Litanies. It is a deep form of Prayer, This Divine Liturgy.

Deo Gratias


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