The Sunday of The Paralytic In Manhattan’s East Village

4 May

In the Byzantine Rite Catholic Churches of The Old Julian Calendar, today is 3rd Sunday after Easter. The Epistle of St. Paul was read in regards to one of the 72 Disciples who was gravely ill, where St. Peter came to the House, & in Christ’s Name, brought the Woman back to life From Death.
In the Gospel According to St. John, There was this Paralytic who had his mat with him, being a Paralytic for 38 Years. The Paralytic asked Jesus to lower him into the water so he could be cured. Jesus simply ordered him to stand up and walk and to take his mat with him. Then Christ asked the man if he wanted to be free of his sins. The man replied that he wanted to be free of his sins.
The Former Paralytic was seen carrying his mat. He was told by One of the Religious Men that he was cured by Jesus. He told it to the Pharisees who whined that Jesus violated The Sabbath by doing work.

Water is a precious resource. In that place in Palestine, as it is Desert, it is scarce.
But Jesus is “The Living Water” and He cured and forgave the Sins of The Paralytic Man, who initially looked at a Natural Resource as his cure. Instead, “The Living Water of Christ” was the cure.

It was a Great Lesson.

Deo Gratias!



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