Coconut Oil & Candida Albicans

8 May

I had 7 Spoonfuls of Coconut Oil this morning. Guess What? I feel no hunger pangs. This has lasted almost 10 Hours, only needing some sips of Vitamin Water to get by.
Even the Soap I use now, has no chemicals or artificial ingredients. It too is made as an Artisinal Soap with Coconut Oil.

My diet will be largely protein with little to no bread.

Candida(An Explosion of Yeast) is no fun, what with Flatulence At any time of the day. It is no fun.

One in a sense can thank all those Industrial Strength Antibiotics killing even the good bacteria. Coconut Oil restores the balance. Things will be up to speed this weekend.

A couple of years ago, the woman who became My Most Dear Friend, saw me in pain with Bursitis, and gave me a Homeopathic remedy. Since then, Natural Remedies have been used to get me up and running. And that is the case, right now.

Dear Friend, Thank You. We are a Chemical Ridden Society.

Deo Gratias



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