Name A Reform Of Vatican II, Benefitting The Church

23 May

Well, this actually means the Eastern Catholic Churches, who had “Latinization” forced on them by certain Roman/Latin Rite Bishops, who should’ve minded their own business, but thought amongst themselves to be “The Show.”
In India for example, Portuguese Missionary Priests entered what was the Territory of Chaldean Rite Catholics, involving Churches founded by St. Thomas Apostle. He was the Easternmost Apostle of The Twelve.
The Portuguese Missionary Priests forced Latinization on these two Particular Churches in Liturgical Practice. Sadly, this caused a Schism. These India Based Churches returned several hundred years later to Full Communion, with the Syrio Malankar Catholic Church, returning in 1930.

Another bit of Roman/Latin Rite Interference, came in the time of 1891 when Ruthenian Catholics emigrated to the USA. Ruthenians originated in the Carpathian Mountains which border Slovakia, Poland and Ukraine. They were Old Russians. This branch of the Catholic Church actually originates via the Missionary Work of Sts. Cyril and Methodius, both of them Greeks.
Slavonic, root language of Russian, Ukrainian, Slovak, Czech, Serbian, Croatian, Byelorussian and Bulgarian, was recognized as a Liturgical Language  and was given an Alphabet through St. Cyril.
In the Great Schism of 1054, this is where the Eastern Churches of The Patriarchate of Constantinople broke away from Rome over the Roman/Latins use of the Filioque (The Procession of The Holy Spirit from The Father and The Son. Today’s Eastern Orthodox Churches do not recognize that Double Procession of The Holy Spirit from the Father and Son, though Byzantine Rite Catholics do recognize the Double Procession of The Holy Spirit from The Father & Son. Ukrainian Greek Catholics don’t like this “False Ecumenism”, especially in regards to the Russian Orthodox(Exclusive Purveyors of Imported Cigarettes in Russia)Church, their persecutors. In Ukrainian Churches not run by OSBM(Ordo Sancti Basili Magni or Order Of Saint Basil The Great), those Missals may not contain the Filioque, so as to make Peace with the Russian Orthodox Church, headed by Patriarch Kyrill. This order came from Pope Benedict XVI, a few years ago. The OSBM Prayer Books still include the Filioque.
The Ruthenians returned to Full Communion with Rome in 1696, while the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church returned in 1596.
Father Alex Toth, a Ruthenian Catholic Priest and Canon Lawyer, was told to visit the Local Latin Rite Bishop in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, by his Bishop, as a courtesy call.
Unfortunately, Fr Toth ran into an Archbishop, steeped in the Heresy called ” Americanism”, which loved the Masonic Belief of “Separation Of Church & State”, which The Vatican was displeased with. This was the Foundation of ” False Ecumenism”, leading Catholics, particularly in the Roman/Latin Rite, to indifference in the last 50 years, especially with Poor Catechisis and an extremely Watered Down, Protestant Flavoured Liturgy, since Sunday, November 30th, 1969. This practice of “Americanism”, which practice is Modernism, is where Bishops and Archbishops were ” Suck Ups” to the American, Secular Puritan Culture of the Time(Timothy Michael “Glad To Have Ya” Cardinal Dolan, please take note). Just about all these Bishops and Archbishops were of Irish Descent, more often than not, hostile to German Catholics and others, in their guise to be “More American than Native Born American Protestants.”
The Archbishop of Minneapolis St. Paul, Archbishop John Ireland(Born in Province of The United Kingdom called Ireland, a Nation about to totally lose the Catholic Faith if by referendum, supporting Gay & Lesbian “Marriage”, which should prove to be a boon for the ” Church” of Ireland), was nearly as bigoted as the fictional Messers Archibald Bunker and Alf Garnett, in regards to Ethnic Catholics, except for other Catholic Irish.
For Father Alex Toth, Archbishop John Ireland treated Fr. Toth like Dreck, even doubting the validity of Toth’s Holy Orders as well as denying the Validity of Toth’s Bishop in Trans Carpathia. Archbishop Ireland told his Priests not to have any contact with Father Toth.
And this was the Pattern of the Irish Born or Irish Descent Bishops of The USA to treat the Ruthenian Greek Catholics and their Priests like Pariahs. The only safe haven was in NY, particularly the RC Archdiocese of New York, where Archbishop Michael Corrigan refused to go along with the Americanist Heresy, of which James Cardinal Gibbons, Archbishop of Baltimore, and others, went along with Archbishop Ireland, especially in the Persecution and Latinization of the Byzantine Rite Catholic Churches. Also, this Americanist Bunch of Latin Rite Bishops got the Holy See to forbid Married Priests from serving in the USA, because it is scandalous to the Roman/Latin Faithful to see Married Priests, their wanting to have all Eastern Catholics to be assimilated into the Roman/Latin Rite.
Archbishop John Ireland’s Totally Inexcuseable actions were condemned by Roman/Latin Bishops in 1999, with William Cardinal Keeler, Archbishop Emeritus of Baltimore, condemning the actions of Archbishop Ireland.
In 1963, a group of USA Bishops called on Blessed Paul VI to close all Eastern Catholic Churches, requiring all those Eastern Catholic Churches to be closed so Eastern Catholics would assimilate into the Roman/Latin Rite. Paul VI told them a resounding “No”(The Novus Ordo was 6 Years away).
The actions against Father Toth, led Father Toth to petition the Russian Orthodox Church in America, then based in San Francisco, CA, to move many Ruthenians into the Russian Orthodox Church, due to the actions of Archbishop John Ireland, James Cardinal Gibbons, et Al.
Ironically, Archbishop John Ireland is often called the Founder of The Orthodox Church in America. This caused a schism which had The Vatican asking questions.
The Eastern Icons, especially Byzantine Rite, were restored. Baptism, Confirmation(Chrismation) and Holy Communion returned to practice for infants. Eastern Churches are once again allowed to have Married Priests in North America.
The Roman/Latin Rite actually never had official authority to interfere in the operations of Eastern Churches.
That the Eastern Catholic Churches are free to practice their ancient and Sacred Ceremonies, is a True Reform from Vatican II. Today, many Tridentine Latin Mass Catholics head to the various Divine Liturgies. The Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, has given me greater knowledge of both the Tridentine and Novus Ordo Masses.

That is what true Catholic Reform is all about.

Deo Gratias!


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