Friday, November 6th, 1964 In Latin & Today At Holy Innocents

24 May

It was 1st Friday and all the Schoolchildren were taken to a Special Mass.
It was also the Last Time I had the occasion to be at a Tridentine Latin Mass on a weekday. I was in 4th Grade. There was even an Exposition of The Blessed Sacrament at the end of Mass and that was offered in Latin.
So after more than 50 Years, I went to the Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass, in the Daytime on a day other than Sunday.
It is appropriate that the daytime Tridentine Latin Mass was on a Saturday. The last time I went to a Tridentine Latin Mass on a Saturday, was at 10:00AM on Saturday, May 8th, 1962 in Brooklyn, back in the days of the Three Hour Fast from Solid Food, though liquids could be taken up to 1 Hour before Holy Communion. Water could be taken any time before Holy Communion.
So I went to Holy Innocents for the 1PM Mass, taking the R Train to West 34th Street from Kew Gardens Union Turnpike(R Trains were running via the F Line from 179th Street Hillside Avenue).

I made it in time to W37th Street. Fr Leonard Villa offered the Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass. This is the 1st Day of Pentecost on The Tridentine Calendar, called The Vigil Of Pentecost. The Octave Of Pentecost is next Saturday, May 30th, the Last Day Of The Easter Season, according to the Tridentine Calendar.
According to Father Villa, the Vigil of Pentecost was when more Baptisms, 1st Communions and Confirmations occurred and this was done in the Evening. Like The Easter Vigil on a Saturday Evening, Pentecost has the Same Significance. This went away with the Promulgation of the Novus Ordo Calendar. But, this Practice still exists on the Tridentine Calendar. On the Tridentine Calendar, the 1st Sunday After Pentecost occurs one week after Trinity Sunday. The Feast of Corpus Christi is actually the Thursday after Trinity Sunday.
In St. Paul’s Epistle, a group of People were Baptized by John The Baptist. So Paul laid hands on these people so they would receive The Holy Spirit.
Holy Communion was received, kneeling and on the Tongue. There are No Extraordinary Ministers Of Holy Communion in Tridentine Practice.

I will head to Holy Innocents for the 10:30AM Mass via Subway. This promises to be a Latin Weekend.

Deo Gratias



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