The Day Night “Mass” ive Doubleheader

24 May

I decided to go to the 8:00AM Eastertide Weekday Mass at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs RC Church at the corner of Ascan Avenue and Queens Boulevard in Forest Hills, Queens, so I geared up and headed there.
The attendance, usually low for the 8:00AM Mass, is getting lower. I did meet My Most Dear Friend, who decided to wear the White Mantilla, which is a head covering usually worn by women and girls at the Tridentine Latin Mass(TLM). I met her after Eucharistic Devotions and The Holy Hour the evening before.
So later in the Day, I decided to head to Holy Innocents on W37th Street between 7th Avenue and Broadway for a Missa Cantata in Latin. Considering it is Memorial Day Weekend, the crowd was pretty good. Fr Christopher Salvatori acted as Deacon, as there was another celebrant+a Subdeacon, played by an actual Deacon. The Missa Cantata in this case, was a High Mass, but not concelebrated.
The Feast of St. Rita of Cascia was celebrated at both Masses. At Our Lady Queen Of Martyrs, the Celebrant was the Pastor, the Most Reverend Paul Robert Sanchez.
After the Missa Cantata, a Rosary Prayer For Peace In The Middle East and the World occurred in Herald Square by West 34th Street and Broadway, led by Father Salvatori.
This was web telecast Live on the “Aroamingcatholicny” Channel on Veetle. Com. 18 People initially viewed it. The numbers doubled to 36 Viewers.
Then we went home after that.
Let me say that I was tired when I got home.
And there is quite a difference between the Tridentine Latin Mass & a Novus Ordo Mass. In the Novus Ordo, one barely has time to pray for intentions, while in the Tridentine Latin Mass, especially during The Offertory and The Consecration, the Priest offers these two parts of The Mass in a very low voice. The Priest faces the congregation most of the time in the Novus Ordo, while he, like the Congregation, faces toward Liturgical East,only turning to face the congregation a total of 8 Times. I like the Tridentine Latin Mass Way better. I don’t feel at ease while the Priest is always facing the people.
Both Masses however offer the Body and Blood of Christ.

Deo Gratias



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  1. Steven Lisch 2015/06/05 at 10:40 #

    True colors

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