“Into The Rafters” and Penance At 10:30AM

25 May

As The Tridentine Latin Mass Crowd at Holy Innocents on W37th Street in Midtown Manhattan is getting to be quite large, a number of people are being forced into the Choir Loft. People are seeking Truly Traditional Ways of Worshipping The Triune Godhead on Sundays, without their ears being assaulted by Extreme Amounts of Treacle(I E, anything by The Saint Louis Jesuits, Marty Haugen, Dan Schutte, Et Al).
It is a time where the current Pope, Francis I, has been making remarks of the Snide Kind in reference to Traditionalist Catholics. Yet, one attends the usual American Novus Ordo Mass, where “Sin” is treated as a Four Letter Word, thus not mentioned. That Member of The Faithful feels as if he has been let down. With “Music” which may induce one to find the nearest Toilet to vomit from Indigestion after the latest “Bread Song”, one wonders if one is wasting one’s time. Adding ” Entertainment ” such as “Missa Di Pinocchio” as a theme, distracts from the Central Mystery of The Mass, in this inane process called “Inculturation”, where Pagan and Secular is emphasized.
As far as I am concerned, as are many others, Pentecost continues into this Saturday. It didn’t end yesterday. It is as if the Liturgical Revolutionaries are desiring a Religion void of Catholicity, preferring instead the Empty Protestantism. If they desired this, The Nearest Protestant Episcopal Church will only be too glad to welcome them.

So I will head to Holy Innocents for the Memorial Day 1:00PM Tridentine Latin Mass, a Liturgy with true focus on God, not our egos.

God Bless And Save America And One, Holy, Catholic And Apostolic Church.



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