The Four Days & A Conversation

25 May

Prior Memorial Day Weekends have tended towards Secular Celebration and Commemoration. Of course there was Mass on Sunday in the “Ordinary Form.”

But, this year is different. It has a more Catholic Form to it. Let’s just say it is actually more than 1964, but actually 1963.

The Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass operated on the Roman Missal of 1962. The Priest made the Sign of The Cross when he distributed Holy Communion and pronounced the “Corpus Dominum…In Vitae Aeternum” Prayer over us as we received the Corpus Christi.

Which Novus Ordo Revolutionary came up with the Abolition of The Octave of Pentecost? Was this guy even Catholic? What?
So be it that at Pentecost Monday in Tridentine Practice, I was at the Tridentine Latin Mass at Holy Innocents on W37th Street, Midtown Manhattan. The Mass was at 1PM, as this is Memorial Day.
It was a Low Mass which entailed praying the responses. There were Marian Prayers. All was well.

On the F Train to Queens, I spoke with an Ex Catholic Girl, who now goes to a Protestant Ecchlesiastical Community on Sundays.



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