On The Other Hand, 6:00PM IS The Better Choice Of Mass

26 May

This is Tuesday Of The Octave of Pentecost in The Tridentine Form of The Roman/Latin Rite Of One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, so I will be headed to The Tridentine Latin Mass Of The Roman Missal Of 1962.
I am getting ready for The Mass at this time. I will cleanse and then eat a meal which will be light but nourishing enough.
Though my knees may be a little bit stiff, I will kneel for Holy Communion, receiving The Lord on my tongue. This, O Lord I am Grateful for.

For Wednesday Evening, Friday Evening and Saturday Afternoon, the Pentecost Octave includes the Ember Days. On Wednesday and Saturday, there will be an Old Testament and New Testament Reading before The Gospel.

The Poor, Holy Souls in Purgatory need Your Help. Purgatory is a Doctrine of One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Church. Perform Corporeal and Spiritual Works of Mercy while prayerfully remembering Those Souls.
Say this prayer for them, as it is short but Powerful:
“Eternal Father, I offer Thee The Most Precious Blood Of Thy Son, Jesus, In Union With The Masses Said Throughout The World Today, For All The Holy Souls Of Purgatory, Amen.”

Sadly, when the Offertory Prayers in the Roman/Latin Rite were changed over to a Simple Passover Table Prayer, the Old Form in the Roman/Latin Rite, when offered by The Priest, were offered for the Faithful, both Living and Dead, for the Forgiveness of Sins, and the Priest’s Sins, is in use during the Tridentine Latin Mass ONLY. The Ordinary Form Mass at the Offertory, implies Protestant Theology, which is “No Sacrifice” and No Prayers for The Dead.

The Offertory in Eastern Catholic Churches is also where the Priest offers Sacrifice.

Kyrie Elaison


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