Standing For Holy Communion & Byzantine Rite

7 Jun

The US and Canadian Roman/Latin Bishops tell us that Standing for Holy Communion is okay because it is from the Byzantine Rite. So we North Americans and everywhere else queue for Holy Communion, just like in the Byzantine Rite Catholic Churches, but there is more to it in Byzantine Practice.

The Latins, in order to make Modernist Protestants feel at home, ripped out Altar Rails where people knelt to receive Holy Communion. Modern Catholics shouldn’t have to kneel either. Keep The Queue Moving was the Order of the Day.

But, before receiving the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ in The Eucharist, a medium length and beautiful prayer is said before going on the queue. And the Priest gives this warning to remind those Faithful of their duty which is “Approach With Fear of The Lord & With Faith.”

One wonders if Roman/Latin Catholics at Novus Ordo Missae even believe it is Jesus Christ they are receiving anymore.


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