Why A Protestant Version Of Sunday Readings

7 Jun

According to The Roman Rite Mass in 400 AD, the Readings were Old Testament, Responsorial Psalm, Epistle, Responsorial Psalm, Alleluia or Tract and Gospel.
But, when Pope St. Gregory The Great did liturgical reform at the end of the 6th Century, he copied from the Greek Liturgy and followed with Epistle, Gradual, Alleluia or Tract and Gospel.
The Format was Dead until the 16th Century when Luther and Cranmer began to use the Discarded Form, without the extra Responsorial Psalm Format.
He Wanted People to listen to The Word and be awake for it, and for The Sacrifice of The Mass.
Good Change!

Luther and Cranmer, both of them Heretics and Apostates because of their change in belief in the Holy Eucharist and the Sacred, Sacrificing Priesthood, believed in Extra Readings of Scripture in their Liturgies, so they went with a format discarded some 900 Years before, minus the extra rounds of Responsorial Psalms between the Epistle and Gospel.

Fast Forward to Sunday, November 30th, 1969 and the official excuse given was that extra scripture is good. But the Protestants at the same time, reject the Sacraficial Priesthood and Transubstantiation in regards to The Eucharist.
I recall being at a Byzantine Ukrainian Catholic Divine Liturgy the day before and the whole Gospel Passage was proclaimed. The Next Day, same Gospel Passage was read but it was an “Omit Parts In Brackets” reading at a Novus Ordo Mass. This was almost two years ago. So much for more scripture! This Format was done in the Name of Ecumenism(False of course).

This Format Change was suggested by an Anglican “Bishop”, whose Holy Orders were declared by Pope Leo XIII, to be as valid as a $200 Transportation Pass on the Staten Island Ferry(NOT).

More Novelties To Come!


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