Between 2007 & 2015, The Tech Changed A Lot

9 Jun

The Tech in fact, kept on Changing to the point where events like the Knights of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship, could be telecast live over the World Wide Web, from a handheld wireless device. The 1st Time that event was carried on the Web, it was a small clip on that was a minute long in 2007. But the 1st Internet carriage of about 8 Minutes Long was done by a New Jersey Resident with his kid sister in the Competition on You Tube.
This began the Parade of Coverage on You Tube, with a number of Videos that are 6 to 7 Years Old, currently. The earliest videos are from Northern NJ and Nova Scotia, Canada, and Councils in several US States and Canadian Provinces, began airing K of C Free Throw Contest Videos.
The landscape changed again in 2011, when I produced a K of C Free Throw SuperStream, emanating via in NOLITA(North Of Little Italy) in Manhattan. The stream went from to Vimeo by Chelsea Piers on Manhattan’s West Side, VodPod in San Francisco, iTunes in Cupertino, CA, Google in Silicon Valley in California, Play Station in California and Windows Store in Redmond, WA, plus Facebook and Twitter in San Francisco. There were uploads to French Video Sharing Service, Dailymotion(US Operations in Union Square in Manhattan), as well as to You Tube in the San Francisco Bay Area. By 2010, there were apps which could take this event live. But in 2011, bringing this competition to a wider audience than ever before was paramount. You Tube, everybody and his or her parents did. Live Telecasting was in Operation in 2013 via Ustream. It was time to go beyond You Tube. With HD 720p, Radio Tele Luxembourg via the Belgian Website, took the Dailymotion US Feed to unimagined heights. But this displeased two Families in East Glendale and Middle Village in Queens, NY, who lived in the Era of You Tube Only and Followed The Crowd. The Web Era is in constant flux, but there are People who refuse to realize this. They look only at the Video Viewing #s of Justin Bieber and juxtapose these Viewing #s in relation to their children’s current situation. The fact that the Knights Of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship was heavily viewed in Africa and Middle East, as well as in The USA, on Vimeo, does not matter to People in a certain geographic region in Queens, NY, like East Glendale and Middle Village, but that the Protocols of carrying an event follow what everyone else uses, even unto the point of being Grandly Ignored on Status Quo You Tube, just as long as it appears where the Crowd goes.
So, via Veetle, on Saturday, February 7th, 2015, a portion of the Knights Of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship was Live Web Telecast on Veetle on the stationsquarestudios Page. It was a snap decision to experiment with Live Internet Television. Though the Audience was not the Size of Justin Bieber’s Audience, it was respectful. The fact that Technology has progressed to the point of carrying live programming in High Definition via the Web, from a Smartphone no less, can make for Humanity to entertaining different ideas instead of following the crowd to doing what everyone else is doing.
“And Isn’t THAT Special”(Dana Carvey as “Church Lady” on Saturday Night Live from October in 1975 until this time in 2015)!

Deo Gratias



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