After Yesterday Of “The 11th Sunday Of Ordinary Time Pt. B”

15 Jun

The Part B is the Reading Cycle of Readings of Old Testament, Responsorial Psalm, New Testament, Gospel Acclamation, Gospel and Homily.

My Most Dear Friend, she who spoke Words in regards to this Novus Ordo Church World, remarked “I am so Done With This World.”
She once remarked after bringing a Tridentine Latin Mass Missal to a Novus Ordo Mass, only to discover that unlike the Order of Mass in the Pre Vatican II Church, the Novus Ordo Readings are not like the Pre Vatican II way of offering The Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass. She was in full fury when she asked the pertinent question of the morning:

We were not talking about the World of “Broadcast Row” in Manhattan. The Name “BRAVO” is an Opera Chant, not a Cable and Satellite “Reality” Television Network, where People act like the Blowholes they really are.
No, for I had to explain that when the planned changes in the Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass were to come about, sadly of a Protestant Nature, that Extra Scripture was to be the Order of The Day. Never mind that both Pope Saint Gregory The Great and Saint John Chrysostom, both being Doctors of The Church, realized that the Sacrifice was the Main Focus of The Mass, the Era of the Post Vatican II was about False Ecumenism and seeking to be like Heretics like Martin Luther and Thomas Cranmer, to make their Spiritual Descendants “Feel At Home.”

Huge Error! Yesterday, I felt like I was at a Methodist “Table & Word ” Liturgy. Because I usually go to a Tridentine Latin Mass or Byzantine Rite Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, yesterday’s Mass causes me to yearn for either Catholic Form of The Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass. Guitar “Music” is for Parties, not for The Holy Sacrifice Of The Mass.

There was a fundraising event over in the Parish Centre’s Lawn. It was a Barbecue. It raised funds for Technology for the Parish Catholic School. That is why I was at the Mass. That and due to Rather Intense Suffering From The Need To Be Near a Water Closet(Which is English for Toilet), I couldn’t venture too far from Home. The Quart of Plain Yogurt helped a bit, but it was the mounds of Sauerkraut which saved me from spending my day in the Water Closet. The Sauerkraut was the Delicious Cure for what caused me immense discomfort.

But the BBQ raised funds and that is a Good Thing.

There will be Macs or Chromebooks, iPads and Android Tablets in this School’s Future. Maybe, even Windows Tablets are in the Future.

That is Good News.

As for me, it is back to Traditional Masses for the Rest of The Summer.

And for all of us, It is Time After Pentecost until Advent.

Deo Gratias

Viva Christo Rey



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