With Dailymotion & Vimeo, You Tube Not Needed

16 Jun

In fact, Vimeo came 1st, followed by What is now Dailymotion. Both are far less pedestrian and more artistic. In fact on both these great networks, the Super Production of the 2011 Presentation of the Knights Of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship from Forest Hills, East Glendale, Astoria, and East Elmhurst, Queens, NY, had a nice, Artistic Flavor to it.
Unfortunately, the “My Daughter Is Such A Free Throw Basketball Superstar Parents From The Netherworld”, got You Tube into that package. It should be noted that in the quest for You Tube Fame, fell flat, while the 2011 Coverage on Vimeo and Dailymotion, rolled up huge #s. The coverage survives currently on Dailymotion and is still watched, somewhere in the world, often in places where You Tube is banished.

Which is WHY I prefer uploading the occasional video to either service over landing where everyone else is. One gets noticed by standing out from the Crowd. Vimeo and Dailymotion are made for those who like to be cutting edge. The 2nd Round K of C Free Throw Basketball Championship from East Glendale, NY, on Dailymotion, was carried on Radio Tele Luxembourg’s Website in Belgium under Sports Coverage. Now, THAT Is Cutting Edge. You Tube is plain old Status Quo Pedestrian.You Tube is, as I found out during the 2011 K of C Free Throw Basketball Championship Coverage, tends to think that they own every sound heard. I don’t need that, plus the assorted bozos who make various unintelligible comments. One even sent me a link as “iGirl” with a link to her brother, dancing in his undershorts. Good Night, You Tube.



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