The “Charismatic Renewal” Is Liberating

16 Jun

People FROM The Catholic Church, through the Heavy Use of Pentecostal Protestantism with a “Mock Sacrament” called “Baptism Of The Holy Spirit.”

Since WHEN does The Third Person Of The Holy Trinity, lead People out of The “One, True Church” founded by Jesus Christ?

This is WHAT occurs when Catholic Catechisis is anything but solid, and when Catholic Lay Movements take their cue from a Potentially Fraudulent Form of Protestantism. Religious Indifference sets in, via Highly Charged Emotionalism with Entertainment.

I met one much older man in a Starbucks in Forest Hills, Queens. He told me that he used to be Catholic. He also admitted that he was led out of the Church from the “Catholic Charismatic Renewal.” Luther’s Doctrine is so simple, as there was no further teaching from the Catholic Church.

This occurred after major changes to the Roman Catholic Liturgy, with a couple of changes in the Tridentine Form Mass, including the move to English, beginning in Liturgical Year 1965.
Also, due to the Vague Language in the Constitution of The Sacred Liturgy, other changes such as The Use of Modern Music in the Mass, came about.
The Mass by Sunday, November 30th, 1969, was Protestantized, with Priest facing the Congregation for the 1st Time as a matter of course.
Catholic Schoolchildren had it emphasized that Holy Communion is to be thought of as a Meal instead of the Unbloody Re Presentation of Christ’s Sacrifice at Calvary.

Back To The Tridentine Latin Mass via Tridentine Form of The Mass:
Back to Teaching That The Holy Eucharist is the Unbloody Re Presentation of Christ’s Sacrifice at Calvary;

OUT With The Charismatic “Renewal”;

OUT With The Novus Ordo.

Kyrie Elaison!


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