Fourth Sunday After Pentecost(Roman/Latin Rite)

21 Jun

It should be noted about the format of the Sacred Scripture Readings, it is about understanding the Sacred Proclamations of the Word of God and not about how many Laity read the readings or acted as cantor during the Responsorial Psalm.
Note that at both the Tridentine Latin Mass and the Byzantine Catholic Divine Liturgies of St. John Chrysostom & St. Basil The Great, it is Epistle, Gradual, Alleluia(Or Tract in Septuagessima, Lenten and Advent Seasons in the Roman/Latin Rite) and Gospel which we listen to, fixed in the same sequence every year and not some Protestant Reformation Style, taken from a Roman/Latin Style which was discarded for emphasis on The Eucharist during the Reign of Pope Saint Gregory The Great.

“Ye Shall Be Fishers Of Men” is what Jesus told Simon Peter The Fisherman and James and John, after the Great Catch of Fish.
This Gospel is heard on the Fourth Sunday After Pentecost and listed as such.

It is at the Traditional Liturgies of One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church where one is liable to hear a Consistent Rendering of Scripture. At the Novus Ordo with Weekday A & B Cycle and Sundays where A, B and C Cycles are followed, albeit with parts about Sin(Being Treated as a 4 Letter Word of either the F or S Cycle), left out followed by a Homily with all the meaning of a “Seinfeld” Episode(Yadda, Yadda, A Homily About Nothing).

After Last Weekend’s Novus Ordo Liturgy, with Music which I can’t even remember what was sung, except that for My Most Dear Friend would characterize as Picnic Music Which could cause Immense Stomach Upset, I have to attend another of these Parish Gatherings, where I fear having to load up on  Peptic Bismuth.

My Backup Liturgy will be in Astoria, which is Divine and Chanted at 5:00PM, EDT, but Timeless.
One can say that Doctor of The Church, Saint John Chrysostom, composed The Anaphora for the Sacrifice and Consecration of Christ’s Body and Blood.


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