Rash Judgement On The Q60 Bus

23 Jun

Queens Blvd at Continental Avenue in Forest Hills, Queens, is a Bus and Subway Transfer Point in Forest Hills, Queens. About as the Q54 stopped a woman held up the Bus for Directions, which caused a  delay, I thought that I would miss my connection to the Q23 Bus to Queens Blvd and 71st(Continental) Avenue.
But, the Q54 Bus just made the Q23 Bus Connection in time with few seconds to spare at Continental and Metropolitan Avenues. The connection to the Q60 Bus was made but held up by the Off Loading of Cargo by an employee of a delivery company.
I rashly thought that the employee doubled as the driver. The delay was 10 Minutes.
The actual driver finally moved the truck. I finally arrived at Queens Blvd and Ascan Avenue. I headed into Our Lady Queen Of Martyrs RC Church at 1208 PM, thinking that I was late.

Mass began at 1210PM with Fr Frank Passenant, the Parish Administrator, offering The Ordinary Form Mass. Hence, I was not late.
I decided not to leave the Cool Building for over an hour. That time after Mass was spent in Prayer.

Rash Judgement:
I really NEED to work on that.

Kyrie Elaison

Vivat Jesus



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