Dear Pro Life Brethren, Who Needs The US TV Networks?

24 Jun

YOU can send the Story of Your Mission To The World.
And You Will do a much better job at it as it is from the Heart.
And now, YOU can do it all LIVE.

And your web broadcast area will not be limited to just the USA. It will be seen
In many parts of the world.

If you look at it, the US Television Networks will be airing about a Minute in the Evening Newscasts.
Though I will say this about FOX News, with Exceptional Coverage including Commentary Piece by Brit Hume, their coverage was Par Excellence. It is the Standard “Big Three” Television Networks who will lead with “The Great Toronto Shark Hunt”(With a Nod to ” Rick Mercer Report” on CBC Television, Canada’s Public Broadcaster), as Lead Story, which in short, means forget about your message being heard.

But, more people are watching and reading the News online these days. There are people avoiding the Networks these days such as “The Big Three” and their Cable and Satellite Networks and CNN.
More are watching Videos. Now there is the Live Option.
An Interestingly good option is called Bambuser. It is easy on your Mobile Phone’s Storage. One can transmit live wherever there is either a Wireless Fidelity Node or from the Mobile Phone’s Data Package.
Bambuser has connections to Associated Press. Useful and Simple.
One can also use Veetle, which is good for picking up an audience, which tends to be a younger audience.
If one remembers Qik, now it is Skype Qik and Webcast the Story Live.

Particularly during the Pro Life March on Washington DC in January, live mobile transmission will be most effective.

The Best 2014 Coverage during the Deep Freeze Winter was done by Michael Voris. I wholeheartedly endorse his Coverage.

And You Will be Making History.And The Web is The Way To Go.

Vivat Jesus!


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