Same Sex “Marriage” The Denial Of Christ’s Social Kingship USA

26 Jun

In a Nation being called The United States of America, one founded by Rationalists Called Protestants and Naturalists called Freemasons, Reasoning is NOT done with God in Mind.
For Rationalists such as Luther, Cranmer and Calvin, The Social Kingship of Christ The King is unacceptable for to them, Man is King.
Hence, Protestants found ways of getting out of their relationships with rationalizing them. They fear and Hate Authority. Self Interpretation of The Bible is key to WHY there are 32,000 Various Sects all claiming to be Christian when they are nothing but Rationalism gone too far. They join clubs like Freemasonry to reinforce this Rationalism, they call a Faith, to essentially worship SELF.
In a Nation which Worships The Doctrine of MAN, rather than accepting the Social Kingship of Christ, what occurred Today in Washington DC, Home to The Rationalism of The Doctrine Of MAN, with a Broadcast Media professing that Doctrine Of MAN, is NOT in the Least Bit Surprising. The Court interprets The Doctrine Of MAN and reinforces this Rationalist Belief.

And, Hence, the So Called Rights of MAN as opposed to the Social Kingship Of Christ The King, in order to protect the Community of Those Who Rationalize that forcing a Square Peg into a Round Hole is the Natural Thing To Do, has come to pass.

Whilst Christ The King warned that “No Man Can Serve Two Masters”, namely God and Mammon, the Rationalist Philosophy which rules The United States Of America, has prevailed in The Law of The Worship Of MAN.

I believe that I may just Puke.

Then again, Tonight may just be an Evening to head to the Tridentine Latin Mass, which engageth NOT The Rationalism of the Worship Of MAN.

Kyrie Elaison

Vivat Jesus

Vivat Christus Rex



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