The Mass Of The Glory Of MAN-Novus Ordo

27 Jun

The “Community of Believers At An Assembly” versus “The Sacrifice and The Social Kingship Of Christ.”

If one can look back to the Mid 1970s, with the Tabernacle disappearing from the Old, High Altar, there was a Replacement. It was in the form of Three Chairs, with the Highest Chair reserved to ” The Presider” of the New Order of The Mass.

The Alignment of the insides of Post 1970s Catholic Churches, were aligned in order to make welcome those Rationalists, commonly called Protestants, to an atmosphere familiar to them.

Three Chairs and A Table is an alignment which is most comforting to those who do not believe in the Unbloody Sacrifice of Christ, but, rather, since these Rationalists deny Sacrifice, it reminds them of whom they offer their Platitudes.
The Highest Chair is for the Priest who is now treated as a Delegate of The Assembly. On his right and left would be Deacons.
But THIS Alignment is familiar to the Rationalist Protestants(As Well as to the Many Jews who belong to it), as it is the Alignment of The Religion of MAN called Freemasonry, where the Social Kingship Of Christ The King is on a par with the Pagan Demons.
For in the Chair of the Presider is one called The Worshipful Master, with Senior and Junior Deacons on his right and left. The Table of what is called the Altar in the Novus Ordo Mass, is also the Altar in Freemasonry, where the Volume of Sacred Law from any of the Three Monotheistic Religions is placed.
Hence, “The Community of Believers” is into attending a Sacred Assembly Meeting, often to tell God just how great the Community is.

And it is reflected in the Syrupy Liturgical “Muzak”, being offered to “The Deity Called SELF.”

The Author of This Tribute of SELF in what is called the Novus Ordo Mass, reputedly was a Freemason, who worked with other “Rationalists”(Protestants).

And we pray like Rationalizing Protestants.

And The Modern Catholics of Roman Rite, look at Holy Communion as a ” Meal”, as if they are Protestant Rationalists.

Liberalism Is Error, is Modernism and is Sin.

And the Churches are empty.



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