The Silence From Rome Is Deafening

27 Jun

Nothing has been heard from Rome, except to turn off One’s Air Conditioner.

Given that the United States of America, a Rationalist Naturalist Society from her founding, rejecting both Divine Law and The Social Kingship Of Christ The King and holding the Catholic Faith on a par with Buddhists and other False Religions, is a Nation of the Religion of MAN.

That Is WHY both Abortion and Same Sex “Marriage”, exist Today.

Liberty and Freedom are NOT the Same thing. Freedom is the God Given Virtue of performing One’s Duty, while Liberty is a Man Ordained Concept of doing whatever one wants.

And WHY has the ONLY Means of Saving Civilization, One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, so SILENT? It is because those in Charge are more concerned with mere temporal instead of The Salvation of Souls. It shows in the Ordinary Form Mass, more concerned with Community than Salvation.

And Mr Voris of the Warehouse of Gadgets in Detroit is Silent in regards to the Actions of a Secular Humanist Pope, whose primary concern is Popularity and NOT Doctrine. This is a shameful act of Silence on Mr Voris part, while whipping his poor, misguided followers into Frenzy over an act of Flatulence by Mr Voris Nemesis, the RC Archbishop of New York, aboard a Subway Carriage.

This being America’s Darkest Hour, wherein Liberty Triumphed over Freedom, it has been the Tragedy of Deistic, Naturalistic America to worship at The Altar of Deistic Liberty. There is True Freedom only in The Social Kingship Of Christ The King. Everything Else is Pagan.

Kyrie Elaison

Vivat Christus Rex


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