Thursday, I Go To Metro PCS

29 Jun

They are owned by and have the Strong T Mobile Network. T Mobile is where I started via the Old OMNIPOINT Network in NY, which has Fax Receiving and Relay as well as something few had in 1998, Text Messaging.
A Free Smartphone(Android)and unlimited 4G LTE Data, seals it for me. Plus there is unlimited Minutes and Text Messaging & one extra bonus:
I don’t have to keep going to Starbucks for Coffee. I can get a Good Cup of Coffee anywhere.
Of course, for bigger video projects, Starbucks is good because of Wi Fi, so they do come in handy, as Wi Fi handles large files better.
But other files and watching Catholic Apologists(Real Ones like Louie Verrecchio, Michael Matt, Christopher A Ferrara & John Vennari, as well as on occasion from Neo Catholic Michael Voris), will be much easier to do at 4G LTE Speeds than at 2.5 G Speeds.
Besides, Sprint’s Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile, don’t have that much presence.
I do keep my Mobile #. It is continuity. And that is great. I would rather be in the Fresh Air or somewhere reasonable when on the web.

Streamera (Streamago) will get more action. It will hook into Facebook. Facebook will be connected from the app. 4G LTE will make it happen. If News breaks, Streamago will be the Go To place.

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